The daily dog walk can be a peaceful routine or an opportunity for catastrophe. Even if you don’t have a rambunctious dog, external stimuli may cause Fido to run, pull, and injure themselves or you. For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, choosing the right dog-walking gear is necessary.

That’s why an adjustable dog harness is the perfect solution. Keep reading for seven benefits of getting an adjustable harness for your dog.

1. Harnesses Give You More Control

People with rowdy dogs know that going for a walk can be extremely difficult. If you use a collar and leash, your dog has the opportunity to pull or bully you into going in different directions. Even if your dog is normally very calm, the sight of a squirrel or another dog may cause them to react.

In addition to being unpleasant, a dog that pulls a lot can injure your arm and shoulder. Fortunately, harnasses give you more control over your dog while you are walking. Since they go around the dog’s torso instead of their neck, you have a tighter hold on their movements.

This not only discourages pulling, but it trains your dog against pulling. Adjustable harnesses are a great way to set the precedent of calm, easy walks with your dog.

2. Prevents Escape

When dogs get excited or scared, they often try to slip out of their collars and run after stimuli. If this happens, your dog might run into traffic and either cause or be part of an accident. Some dogs run so far they can’t find their way back, and it is difficult for their owners to reunite with them.

Because collars only go around the neck, they are easier for dogs to slip out of. By contrast, full-body harnesses are impossible for your dog to escape from. An adjustable harness allows you to tailor the shape to fit your dog perfectly, ensuring that you avoid any possible escape issues.

Escaping out of a big collar is an issue that pertains to a lot of puppies, who still need to grow into their collars. An adjustable puppy harness can help with that. You can adjust the fit as they grow so that it always fits them snugly.

3. Harnesses Prevent Neck Injuries

Traditional collars put undue strain on a dog’s neck. When a dog pulls hard in a collar, they risk injuring themselves.

This is especially problematic for small dogs with more delicate necks. Small dogs are prone to tracheal collapse, which is when the windpipe collapses and makes it hard for dogs to breathe. Wearing a collar in these situations can cause serious health problems.

Even though physical strength might not be as big of a concern with small dogs, adjustable harnesses can help protect their necks from injury.

4. They Can Help Your Dog Avoid Ocular Proptosis

Ocular proptosis occurs when your dog’s eyes protrude partway out of their socket. It can be an uncomfortable and unhealthy situation for canines. When it happens, it requires medical attention immediately.

Undue pressure on the neck can cause ocular proptosis or make it worse. If your dog is pulling on its leash all the time, you should consider switching to a harness.

Some dogs are more predisposed to ocular proptosis than others. Owners of snub-nosed breeds like pugs and Pekinese should take precautions against ocular proptosis.

Use an adjustable harness that will distribute force instead of concentrating it in the neck like a traditional collar. For more information, consult your veterinarian.

5. No More Entanglements

Have you ever been out for a walk with your dog and gotten tangled in the leash? A dog with uncontrolled movement might wrap you up so quickly you can’t stop it. Even worse, they may wrap themselves around another dog or person.

With a full-body harness and leash, you will have enough control over your dog to stop them if they start to run amok. You will be able to prevent uncomfortable entanglements whenever you take your dog for a walk.

6. Your Dog Won’t Associate Harnesses With Pain

When your dog is wearing a traditional collar and starts to pull, it can cause them to feel pain. If this happens regularly, they may start to associate their collar, their leash, and even their walking time with pain.

This can lead to other problems. If your dog thinks it will hurt to go for a walk, they might start treating your home like a bathroom to avoid going outside.

But there is no such risk with a harness. An adjustable dog harness will distribute tension evenly, which means your dog won’t think of going for a walk as a painful endeavor.

7. Dog Harnesses Can Keep You Safe At Night And Stylish During the Day

Did you know that dog harnesses can even keep you safe at night? Some harnesses come with special reflective strips that will catch the light during the evening hours. This means you can take your dog out at night without fear of being hit by a car.

And who says that dog harnesses should be drab? Many dog harnesses are very fashionable. Check out these cute french bulldog accessories and find harnesses with donut patterns, cool designs, and more.

Improve Your Daily Walk With an Adjustable Harness

Taking your dog on a walk doesn’t have to be hard or uncomfortable. You can ensure your safety as well as your dog’s when you opt for an adjustable harness. Fido will thank you!

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