If you’re not bothered with bold shapes and only contemplate being super comfy, then baggy jeans are unquestionably a look to explore. Additionally, nowadays, the majority of women are embracing oversized and flattering clothes. Likewise, according to the experts’ prediction, this style is here to last.

The matter of concern here is what to drape with these appealing flared jeans. Personally, I love donning them with silky blouses, blazers and high-heels. Well, everything depends upon your mood and level of comfort.

However, you keep reading to find seven classic ideas that you must try over baggy jeans.

#1. Stripped T-shirt And Cozy Jacket

When you purchase baggy jeans, you land up on the hardest part. What to sport over it, whether or not it’s trendy and many more questions linger on our minds. Well, thanks to some fashion bloggers, they have featured the most comfortable clothing. Furthermore, this look is being loved by many. A striped t-shirt layered top renders a smart look when paired with cuffed baggy jeans. Finish your attire with a comfy black jacket and gleaming leather boots.

#2. Cardigan And white Boots

Sometimes, classiness is all we need. Am I right, ladies! So, add a sensuous touch to your boyish flattering jeans with a soft knit cardigan. Well, don’t wear anything underneath it. Furthermore, experiment with this style by how many buttons you leave unfastened to make the feel-good outfit. Whether you’re out with your girl gang for an evening party or boyfriend for a casual date, this iconic style with while boots would surely make a splash. For additional ideas, you can also browse 10 festival outfit ideas.

#3. Oversized Top And White Shoes

A baggy top on baggy jeans is doable, provided you must walk carefully. One styling tip that you can follow is – vary the layers. For example, a body fit, turtleneck top peeping out of a BIG oversized jacket. Furthermore, tighten your waist with a belt. Complete the look by wearing white sneakers. I love the combination of oversized tops and white sneakers.

#4. Fitted Cropped Top And Kitten Heels

When in doubt, style a crop top with baggy pants. This is a no-fail, keep-it-simple rule! A basic white knotted top or cropped top is a one-of-a-kind way to embrace this style. Moreover, kitten heels will merely elevate a more polished, elegant look. You may get color and pattern ideas from Pinterest and create a spectacular item.

#5. Blazer And Heels

This may come as a surprise to you – baggy jeans aren’t just for outings or dates. You can also sport it with a blazer for office meet-ups. A long blazer will come as a saviour, transforming your appearance into something very classy and sassy look. You can also pair a fitted menswear jacket with baggy jeans to add a sophisticated touch to a casual look. For the final touch, pair it with heels.

#6. Floral Blouse And Vibrant Heels

Florals aren’t just limited to the summer season. They stay trendy all seasons. The key is to pair them with darker colours and appropriate accessories. What else could be better than flared denim? These wide-leg pants appear well-suited to a free-spirited boho attitude girl. On top of that, you can pair them with bright-coloured heels.

#7. Hoodie And Sneakers

The way sweatshirts are worn has been changed over the years. All thanks to their versatility! Nowadays, women are opting to wear them with denim flared jeans. Regardless of the fit, they serve as a compliment while accentuating your figure. Besides your appearance, you can keep the comfort from head to toe. Top it off with sneakers to make your outfit pop.

So, here it is – 7 amazing ideas to pair with baggy jeans. Being a cool version, baggy jeans is right now a staple. Giving a nostalgic vibe of ‘90s fashion, this is continuing to trend in 2022 as well. The best part is it renders comfort. And the second-best feature is you can pair with the simplest wardrobe basics as mentioned above. Take a styling cue from the ideas given above and get comfy in a stylish way, even during a grocery store visit. However, if you’re a cargo pants lover, read the blog: 8 killers ways to style cargo pants.


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