Flowers are an amazing way to brighten any room, show someone you care or make a special occasion even more memorable.

Creating the perfect floral bouquet is neither a science nor an art, but rather something in between the two. The aesthetics of the arrangement, will, of course, vary depending on your particular taste. But the process of actually creating your own fresh flower bouquet does require some know-how.

Today we’ll be taking you through everything you need to know to make a stunning arrangement with fresh flowers and plants.

We’ll take you through how to achieve longevity on your bouquet, how to choose the best flowers, and how to make sure your arrangement is the most eye-catching thing in the room.

Whether you’re doing the DIY thing for your wedding, or you want to show that special someone how you feel, this guide will help ensure your fresh flower bouquet is breathtakingly beautiful.

Make Sure You Have the Tools

If you want to make your own fabulous floral arrangement, first thing’s first. You need to make sure you’ve got the equipment.

You might be asking yourself, how much equipment do flower bouquets require, exactly? The answer: thankfully not much. But the things you do need are really important.

Of course, you’ll need your chosen flowers. You should also have whatever vessel you’ve chosen for your arrangement cleaned and ready to go.

Then you’ll need thorn strippers (it’s not just every rose that has its thorn, but many other floral varieties too) and a pair of shears. Try to find an apron or if you can’t get your hands on one, wear old clothes.

Finally, you should have some floral wire (or twine) on hand, to make sure you get your blooms sitting the way you want them.

Take The Surroundings Into Account

If you’re making an arrangement for an event, for example, fresh flower wedding bouquets, think about the setting the flowers will be placed in.

Are you going to be holding them while walking down the aisle? Will they take center stage on your banquet table? Are you making many bouquets, to dot around the room?

The style of your bouquet will be dictated by the role it needs to play.

If it’s going to be on a dinner table, consider making it short and wide, so people can chat over it. If you’re going to be holding it, double-check the height and weight, and try to steer clear of anything (like loose pollen) that could potentially leave a stain. If they’re going to be spread around as decorations, make sure they don’t clash with the decor.

Keep it Seasonal

If you’re opting for a fresh floral bouquet, it’s a great idea to go for seasonal flowers. Not only will this be less expensive than choosing something out of season, but it will also make for a more natural-looking arrangement for the time of year.

Some flowers, such as Asters and Carnations, are available year-round. Others are available only at certain times of the year.

Add Extra Flourishes

Believe it or not, flower bouquets can contain more than flowers alone. One big trend at the moment is to add touches such as berries, foliage, pampas grass, and stalks of wheat to complement your fresh flowers. This can be an especially nice touch if you’re going for a bit more of a bohemian or rustic vibe for your bouquet.

One good trick, if you need to make multiple arrangements, or you’re short on time, can be to buy a different fresh flower bouquet from several florists and then mix and match them together, adding little touches to make them your own.

Long Live Your Flowers

Have you ever received a beautiful fresh flower bouquet in the morning, only to have it die before the day is out? Fresh flowers are living things that need special care and attention to survive. Here are some things you can do to make your florals stretch that little bit longer.

First, change the water regularly. When flowers die, it is most often due to a build-up of bacteria in the vessel they’re being stored in. Changing the water every few days will help to prevent this from happening.

Other ways you can help? Add some sugar to the water. Keep trimming the stems a little each time you change the water, as the cells at the bottom of the stems tend to die.

Spritzing a little hairspray on the top of your bouquet can also keep it looking fabulous for longer.

Think Outside The Vase

Flowers in vases are timeless, classic, and a match made in heaven. But that doesn’t mean that that’s the only way an arrangement can be stored. If you’re looking to make your bouquet really one of a kind, why not choose something a little out of the ordinary, instead?

Milk jugs, empty bottles, coffee cans, teacups. These are only a few of the different ways to store your floral arrangement. You can also use mason jars, watering cans, terrariums, the list goes on and on.

Arrange Like a Pro

Here are a few tips for when you’ve picked your flowers, got your tools and you’re ready to arrange.

Make sure your chosen vessel matches the flowers you’re using, size-wise. If not, trim accordingly. Before you put the flowers into the water, trim the stems at a slanted angle. The provides a larger surface area for water to be absorbed and will keep them healthy for longer.

When you’re arranging your flowers, start by adding the largest flowers first, turning your vase around as you go. Then add in the other varieties and finally, any flourishes, like berries or beads, should be added at the end.

If your flowers aren’t sitting how you want them, or if you have an unusually shaped vase, you may need some floral wire (string will also do) to tie them together. This will keep them sitting pretty.

The Key to a Really Amazing Fresh Flower Bouquet

Hopefully, you’re now armed with all the information you need to go out and create your own stunning fresh flower bouquet.

But one more tip. One thing that can’t be taught, is personal taste. When you’re creating your own floral arrangement, the best thing you can do is to make sure it represents you.

Putting your own personality and personal style into your floral creation is the best way to make sure it’s totally unique and to your taste.

For more helpful hints on how to do just about anything you can think of, head on over to our How To section now!