Keep your bicycles and motorbike safe from the elements (and thieves) in a secure bike shed.

Parking your bike in a shed is recommended to shield it from anything from bad weather to accidental dings from passers-by, or even visiting wildlife. It also protects your bike from theft. When looking for the perfect bike shed, there are seven things to keep in mind.

1. What Do You Need Room for In the Bike Shed?

Is it just a shed for one bike or is it for more? Do you also need to store gardening equipment in the same shed? Identify how much room you need to store all the items you have in mind and arrive at an approximate measurement. Don’t forget to take into consideration how much room you have in your garden for this shed as well – will this even fit?

2. Choose a Design that Fits Your Bike

Bikes are long and need a structure to accommodate their elongated form. Conventional sheds tend to have doors along the long wall and this may make it difficult to get your bike in and out. Keep this in mind when you zero in on a shed design. 

3. How Wide is Your Bike?

Are the handlebars on your motorbike very wide? If so, a single door frame of a conventional garden shed may not accommodate it. To ride in and park your bike comfortably, you will want to avoid a tight squeeze. You could opt for an extra-wide single door design or just put in a double door design to make things easier. 

4. How Robust is This Shed?

Steel sheds that have an internal frame made of timber will give your shed solid support. Sheds don’t always have a lot of floor space to play around with., but a timber frame gives you the option of putting up shelves or tool boards so the wall space can be economised. You could use this framework to arrange your gear neatly so it’s easily accessible to you.

If you have multiple bicycles, will you mount them on the wall? What can you secure these mounts to?

5. Do You Need Skylights or Ventilation?

In a shed that is longer than it is wide, the space at the far end can be quite dark. This is especially true of sheds that are longer than three meters long.  To get some light to this end of the structure, consider adding a strategically placed skylight or windows. A few clear roof panels could do the trick as well. There is added benefit to putting in an additional door on the side wall. This way you can reach the other end without having to squeeze past your bike each time. Some form of ventilation is important to maintain a healthy atmosphere for your bike within the shed. Put in a window or install an extractor fan to prevent condensation building up inside. 

This is especially important if your shed is also intended to be used for storing gardening gear.

6. Do You Need a Ramp?

A ramp is a pretty useful addition to your shed, it makes it easier to get your vehicle in and out, especially if the weather is wet and the ground is soggy. It gives you a stable platform at the entrance. It also makes it easy for wheelbarrows and lawn mowers to be accessed.

7. Do You Need a Secure Bike Shed?

If you’re worried about how safe your bike is when it’s parked on your property, a bike shed can set your mind at ease. You can add security measures to the shed, which could look like a locking system that can be accessed only by a code, or simply a padlock. If you’re putting in bolts then screw them on from the inside, preventing people from unscrewing the bolts from the outside. Tighten security with an alarm system. You could also add motion sensor lights around it to trigger movement at night. 

Park Your Bike Safely in a Duratuf Shed

Specifically structured to suit bikes, these Duratuf designs can keep your bike safe and secure on your property.