Precious stones come in many colors and varieties, which can make it a bit of a struggle when you come to choose your next piece of jewelry.

If you are stuck for inspiration right now, read on for a rundown of some intriguing and exceptional gemstones which are well worth adding to your collection.

Blue Diamond

White diamonds are a common choice, and if you’re looking for something a bit more eye-catching and out of the ordinary, blue diamond jewelry could be ideal.

You get the same amazing light-reflecting properties, and of course the bragging rights that come with wearing real diamonds, of course. But the added interest of blue diamonds lets them stand out from the crowd, so whether you want creative jewelry or simple necklaces using this stone and many others, check out the Diamondere site to find a plethora of fabulous products.


The purple color of amethysts is unforgettable, and it makes an ideal option for creative jewelry, whether in the form of an engagement ring, a pendant, earrings, bracelets or anything in between.

Some people say that amethysts have special properties which can calm down the wearer and help them to rise above the frustrations of daily life. Even if you don’t have faith in the claims made about gemstones like this, you will certainly fall for the dazzling beauty of amethyst jewelry.


Increasingly popular as a gemstone, especially when combined with diamonds, the rise of tanzanite has been steady and unstoppable in recent years, and for good reason.

Typically found with a lighter purple tint than amethysts, you can get tanzanite rings and earrings which range from the cost-effective to the classy and high-end. Suitable for casual wear as well as for special occasions, tanzanite jewelry is very versatile.


An excellent choice for eternity rings, aquamarine is a gemstone that definitely lives up to its name, taking on a pale blue color that is reminiscent of the types of tropical waters we all dream of enjoying on vacation.

Because of the color profile of aquamarine jewelry, it is less overtly showy than some of its counterparts, so if you prefer subtlety to in-your-face bling, it should be on your wishlist.

Although of course there are more opulent pieces which use it, often in conjunction with diamonds and other gems, so it is not only for understated situations.


There is something ethereal about the vibrant green of peridot, a stone that may only be classed as semi-precious, but manages to dazzle and delight in equal measure in spite of this.

Much of the popularity of peridot comes down to its association with the month of August, for which it is the Zodiac birthstone. But even if you don’t happen to have been born in this window of time, peridot jewelry remains an alluring option on its own aesthetic merits.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink is a decidedly unusual color for gemstones, and yet naturally occurring tourmaline does indeed come in this hue, giving it a delightful femininity that is timelessly fashionable and sure to turn heads.

It is best used in combination with paler metals, so think white gold, silver or platinum rather than anything else.


The intensity of pink tourmaline might be too much for some, in which case the peachier tones of morganite will probably float your boat.

This is definitely an unusual gemstone, so if this is a selling point for you, then go right ahead. Most importantly, when picking new pieces for your jewelry box, let your heart guide you, and trust your instincts.