April 29, 2020

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7 handy tips that every iPhone owner needs to know

Apple sold 1.2 billion iPhones between 2007 and 2017.

Every man and his dog now seems to own one these days!

And it’s no surprise. The iPhone revolutionized the mobile phone industry. This never-before-seen technology changed life as we knew it.

Apple won hundreds of millions of loyal customers in the process. Are you one of them?

Well, as much as you love your iPhone, there’s every chance you’re not getting the most out of it! These clever bits of kit have a host of functions the few people ever utilize.

We wanted to compile some useful iPhone tips to rectify the situation.

Want to revolutionize your iPhone experience?

Read on for 7 tips and tricks that every iPhone owner needs to know.

1. Keep Things Fast

We’ve got a few tips to help your iPhone run faster.

After all, there’s nothing worse than a slow-loading mobile.

Start by powering off the iPhone every once in a while. That’s a novel concept for most people these days- when was the last time you switched yours off? Probably a while ago!

It’s important though. It’ll clear out the iPhones memory, which helps in terms of speed.

Next up, rid yourself of the apps and files you don’t use/need. The more space you free up, the faster your phone will run. Worried about losing your pics and vids?

Knowing how to back up iPhone systems means you’ll always have a copy.

Oh, and update your iOS too. Staying updated should get the system running quicker too.

2. Vibrate According to Person

Are you an exceptionally organized individual?

Well, you might have specific ringtones for different people in your life. You know who’s calling without even having to take the call.

It’s all well and good until you put the phone on silent/vibrate mode. Suddenly, you’re back to square one, unable to decipher whether it’s your boss, your mum, or a total stranger on the line.

Unless, that is, you solicit the support of custom vibrations.

Select a contact and hit the edit button. From there, find the ringtone section with the vibration field below it. If you tap ‘Vibration’, then you can choose a ready-made vibration for them.

Alternatively, create a brand-new one via the ‘Create New Vibration’ button.

3. Give It a Shake

Everybody makes mistakes on iPhones.

Especially when you’ve got big clunky thumbs doing the leg-work for you.

Imagine writing an enormous email to your boss. Navigating the keyboard with your enormous thumbs has made it a serious ordeal. But you persevered and finished it- finally.

Just as you go to hit ‘send’ though, you accidentally tap ‘delete’ and the message disappears. Your entire world collapses as your heart sinks to the floor.

Don’t despair!

Give the phone a shake to use the ‘undo’ function. A dialogue box will come up that’ll let you rectify the problem.

4. Have Siri Say It

Love the dulcet tones of Siri?

Wish they’d sing you a lullaby, read you a story, or whisper sweet nothings in your ear?

Then you’ll love the ‘Speak Selection’ feature of iPhones. Any text that you highlight can be read out by Siri if you so wish. It’s awesome if you’re tired of staring at the screen and want some auditory input instead.

Heck, you could even highlight the book you’re reading. Pop in your headphones and you’ve got an free audiobook out of no-where!

Get started with ‘Speak Selection’ via the Settings app. Hit ‘General’, then ‘Accessibility’, onto ‘Speech’, and then toggle the ‘Speak Selection’ tab. From there, you can choose to have highlighted text delivered by Siri.

5. Control Access to Apps

The guided access functionality on your iPhone is another widely underutilized feature.

Basically, it lets you control what people (other than you) can access on your phone.

That means no more:

• Nosey partners reading your text messages,

• Work colleagues hijacking your social media accounts, or

• Friends endlessly swiping right on Tinder.

You decide the app that people can use. Even better, you can set a time-limit for it too!

That’s useful if you’ve got children who have a habit of spending too much time on your phone. You can let them play a specific game for a set time period. No more, no less.

There’s a host of other handy elements to guided access too. Take the time to play around with it! Head to the Settings app, hit general, then ‘guided access’.

6. Double-Tap for Periods

Typing long messages or emails on a phone can take forever.

One of the biggest drains on your time?

Adding full stops to the end of sentences- obviously.

Constantly holding the ‘123’ button, finding the period, and tapping it (without hitting some other pesky punctuation mark in the process) takes forever. Send any message that’s longer than a line and it starts to get frustrating.

We’ve got good news for you, though. There’s a quicker way!

Next time you need to tap a period, skip the ‘123 button’ and double-tap the space bar instead. This will be a life-saver for anybody who hasn’t come across this before.

Don’t worry, you can thank us later!

7. Slide for the Time-Stamp

Here’s a quick one to finish.

Ever wonder where the time-stamps have disappeared to on text messages?

Don’t worry, they’re still there! They’re just hiding. On iMessage, you simply drag the screen over to the left to reveal them. Those cheeky time stamps will appear again, as if by magic.

That’s good news if you’ve just messaged your bae and need to check how long it’s taking them to reply.

Remember These Useful iPhone Tips

iPhones are hugely popular pieces of technology.

And for good reason. They’re industry-leading smartphones that offer a host of impressive features and functionality. Unfortunately, most of us never use them to their full potential!

Hopefully, though, the useful iPhone tips in this post will help change that.

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