Falling for the right person is an easy thing to do. Making that same relationship work long-term is a completely different thing. Pay attention to the signs so that your relationship is never running on fumes.


Boundaries need to be respected at all times. Being in a relationship with someone does not excuse them from this rule. When your significant other constantly oversteps, then make it known. If they continue to overstep, then it’s clear that your boundaries are not a priority in the relationship. That shows that they are actively trying to hurt you for their own gain. When it is time for an official separation, then Melbourne family lawyers step in to handle the hard parts.


Small lies are often overlooked since big lies are more noticeable. The truth is that small lies can be just as dangerous. Death by a thousand cuts is the best way to describe how small lies can ruin a relationship. It takes a small piece of happiness away from the relationship whenever you have to question if a spouse is being truthful. 


For years, physical cheating was the only type of cheating that was truly recognized. Mental cheating is a thing, and it is usually what leads to physical cheating. Dating websites, secret text messages and lying about their location are signs of cheating. Once confronted about these habits, the relationship changes forever. Whether it is for good or bad reasons is entirely up to the cheater.


Being in a relationship with an immature spouse has its ups and downs. The spontaneity is great, but can sometimes interfere with adult responsibilities. Money is still one of the biggest reasons couples break up. So, if your spouses’ maturity is affecting your living situations, it becomes problematic. It’s never too late to mature, but it is also something that you can’t force.


Raising kids is an entirely new responsibility that requires two dedicated people. When one parent takes on the bulk of the load, resentment builds up. This is a big problem when the parent that does the most is constantly belittled for not doing enough. Without a solid support system for kids, homes become a mental prison for everyone involved.


Sometimes you can go weeks without seeing your spouse and not even realize it. Getting into a rut is normal, but it is not your responsibility to constantly pull the other spouse out of it. If you’re always the one that has to remind your partner to spend time together, then something is wrong.


There is a big difference between growing up as a person and growing up as a couple. Your personal growth is important, and should never come at the price of growing as a couple. When your spouse constantly does things that erases your identity, then speak up. If they still won’t acknowledge you, then there is a clear respect problem in the relationship.

Your Happiness Is Important

When it is time to move on, you have to be the one to finalize it. A heavy decision can be a shock to the system, but is a necessary part of defeating the problem. Look at your present and future self to always know where you stand in the relationship.