If you’re having a fashion crisis, you’re not alone! As a woman, you have so much on your plate already, but dressing well makes you feel confident and stylish. Sometimes you may see other women who have a sense of fashion that fits them so perfectly effortlessly, so you get the impression that the way they dress is a skill in itself.

However, that’s far from the truth! These women don’t have a hidden talent; they’ve simply mastered the art of knowing what works for them and what doesn’t. But building a personal style shouldn’t be challenging. All you need are some womens fashion tips to make you look put-together, without having to get rid of your entire wardrobe.

Luckily, we’ve compiled eight fashion tips that guarantee to work regardless of your size or budget. You’ll also learn how to dress better and understand what works best for your body shape.

Know Your Fashion Taste

Before you start anything, you must think about yourself and your style. Try to explore your fashion taste, the clothes you wear the most, and how you can pull off a look out of them. The most essential thing is to be confident regardless of your choice. You’d be surprised how happy and comfortable you look when you wear clothes confidently.

If you’re still having doubts about your fashion sense, you can easily find some inspiration by browsing online shops or magazines. Your phone and social media have everything you’re looking for.

Understand Your Body Type

When picking out clothes to wear for the day, ensure it looks good and fits nicely on your body. Some people may like oversized clothes better; others prefer tight-fitting clothes, and both are okay if they make you feel good. However, sometimes these clothes can make you look bulky or disfigured.

Nowadays, body image is a huge concern, especially for teens and younger women. Additionally, a study shows that around 91 percent of women are unsatisfied with their body size, meaning they have low self-esteem, making them go back to dieting.

If you’re unsure what clothes enhance your shape better, you’re probably one of these five body types:

  • Apple shape
  • Pear shape
  • Inverted-triangle shape
  • Hourglass shape
  • Rectangular shape

Women with apple body shapes have prominent stomachs and busts, with a less visible waist. For this type, you can define your stomach by adding a belt, wearing v-neck shirts, shorts, and drape clothes.

For those with pear-shaped bodies, hips are wider than shoulders, legs are shorter than the upper body, and thighs are round. You can focus on your upper body by wearing eye-catching colored tops and dark bottoms to avoid enhancing your hips.

Those with the inverted triangle body shape have a bigger top half, small hips, and wider shoulders. If you want to add structure to your body, you can wear different jackets, belts, attractive shoes, and bright-colored jeans.

The hourglass body shape has big hips and busts, and well-formed waists. Most women with this shape want to accentuate the waist by wearing v-necks, belts, and tight-fitting dresses since these hug their figure best.

Lastly, the rectangular body shape usually has fewer curves overall; shoulders and hips are similar in width, and small busts. However, you can easily add shape to your body by wearing wide pants, halter-neck shirts, and a belt around the waist.

Regardless of your body shape, you can easily find clothes that enhance the body parts you admire and want to show off on women’s boutique clothing.

Understand the Colors that Complement Your Skin Tone

Most women who want to improve their fashion style only focus on clothes, disregarding other aspects of their bodies, such as skin tone. When picking out outfits and jewelry, there are specific colors that complement your skin tone. If you’re one of the many people who don’t have a clue about their skin tone, let’s jump straight to the point.

The main thing you should know is that there are three types of skin tones: warm, cool, and neutral. Similarly, some colors enhance these tones. For example, red, orange, amber, yellow, and honey gold colors enhance warm tones. For cool-colored skin, bright shades of blue, deep purples, sapphire, or lavender look exceptionally good on them. Neutrals, on the other hand, prefer soft colors like light peach, soft rose, dusty pink, and light blue.

However, if you still don’t know how to figure out your skin tone, here are two alternatives to try. First, take a look at your veins. Do they look green or blue? If they seem green, your skin tone is warm; if they’re blue or purple, your skin is cool-toned. But if you can’t determine any color on your veins, then you’re neutral-toned.

The second option is to get a white paper and hold it next to your skin. If your skin appears yellow, you’re warm-toned. If the skin seems pink, rosy, or red, then you’re cool. Again, if you can’t see any of these colors, you’re neutral.

Go Through Your Closet

Once you’ve determined your body shape and skin tone, it’s time to go through your closet. Now that you have a better understanding of what fits your shape and skin tone, you can pick clothes that complement your style. You can start by decluttering your wardrobe, so you don’t waste space on clothes you don’t wear.

Here are a few tips when organizing your closet. First, start by cleaning out clothes you don’t wear during a specific season. For example, if it’s summer, you don’t need to have your sweaters take up half the space of your closet. Instead, keep them in a storage box or another closet.

Second, disregard any items you don’t wear or even remember buying. You should also keep the ones you love and wear daily, especially basic items.

Another pro tip is to pick a specific number of clothes you want to keep. So if you have over 2,000 pieces of clothing, you can pick ten go-to outfits that you can mix and match. You can donate the rest of the clothes you didn’t select to different NGOs or thrift stores, so other people can use them.

If you want to contribute to NGOs for women, Dress for Success collects formal clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry for women to use in job interviews. Goodwill also recycles any clothes if you donate them in good condition.

Start Planning Your Shopping

Now that you got rid of your old clothes, it’s time to plan your shopping to buy new and basic items. However, before you plan your next shop, let’s try to visualize yourself in outfits, accessories, jewelry, bags, or nail polish.

When shopping, ensure you have sufficient time to look through the clothes before deciding on an item. Don’t buy anything in a hurry because you might regret it when you go home. Instead, take a thorough look at an item and if it doesn’t suit your body shape, skin tone, or style, it’s better to not buy it.

Lastly, don’t forget to plan your budget accordingly. It’s best to have a limited budget and check for discounts. Usually, classic items are cheaper, and they look fashionable when accessorizing.

Mix High- and Low-end Brands

Most women tend to think that high-end brands are worth spending a fortune on. But the number one rule in shopping is to mix high- and low-end brands. You can easily find statement pieces from affordable brands, and they’ll last a long time. Yet, you can buy expensive accessories that you can wear with low-end quality items, and they’ll look stylish.

Pick Your Outfit and Accessories the Day Before

How many times have you avoided your outfit and accessories until the last minute? We know we have! Unfortunately, most of the time, procrastination will make you late, not to mention the horrendous items you tend to wear in a hurry.

Putting on the first pieces of clothes you see in your closet won’t do the trick; they may look inappropriate or odd for the place you’re leaving to.

To avoid this, it’s best to pick your outfit the day before, so you have enough time to choose the clothes. You’ll also have plenty of time to do other stuff in the morning, like eating breakfast or folding laundry.

Choose Proper Undergarments

You might’ve picked the best outfit that complements your body shape and skin tone, but if your undergarments don’t match your outfit, it’s a no-no. Initially, you should choose a bra size that fits your breasts and opt for neutral colors that don’t show underneath your shirts.

You should also avoid wearing underwear that causes panty lines because no one wants that. Rather, opt for seamless underwear that isn’t tight-fitting.

That said, consider your undergarment’s fabric too. According to many health experts, cotton is one of the healthiest materials for your underwear because it’s breathable and soft. However, if you want your undergarments to last more, cotton and elastane are the best solution.