September 21, 2022

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8 reasons why canvas prints will revolutionize your interior decor

How you furnish and decorate your home is the perfect opportunity to stamp your personality on the space, and using canvas prints can have a real impact on how each room looks and feels.

Using canvas prints rather than getting a photograph framed will take your pictures to another level and help create exactly the right vibe that you want from your wall art.

Here are some of the very good reasons why you should consider revolutionizing your interior decor with some stunning canvas prints around your home.

Understanding the unique difference of canvas prints

A good starting point would be to appreciate the fundamental differences between canvas and print. Once you know the advantages and how canvas can have such an aesthetic impact you will see this option in a whole new light.

The obvious point of separation between canvas prints and art prints is the surface used to print the images onto. Quite simply, art prints are produced on paper and canvas prints are printed on canvas.

The difference in quality is readily apparent with canvas prints. You won’t even be able to see the frame through a stretched canvas print because they are stretched out professionally to produce a quality finish that allows you to enjoy the full beauty of the image that you have captured on canvas.

You won’t get any glare with canvas prints

Another big selling point that gives the advantage to canvas prints over framed photos is the fact that you won’t have to worry about glare.

If you have framed photos on your wall you will know that if the sunlight or the lighting in your room hits the picture at a certain angle it will produce reflective glare.

In contrast, canvas prints are produced with either a satin or matte finish and you won’t get glare regardless of whether the print is subjected to bright lights or direct sunlight.

Canvas prints will stand the test of time

If you have invested time and money into a beautiful image that you want hanging on your wall you want it to last for as long as possible.

Framed photographs tend to be impacted by dust and humidity levels. That means their quality can be impacted and the image may start to fade as a result of these issues.

You don’t have the same worries with canvas prints. Canvas is a material that is naturally resilient and designed to last a long time without losing quality. You will often find that a canvas print will retain its original color vibrancy and will stand the test of time much better than a framed photograph.

Canvas prints can add a new dimension to your room

One of the reasons why canvas prints have the ability to stand out in your room is due to the 3D effect it is capable of.

Framed photographs are flat in comparison to canvas print. That means you can use a canvas to create a real focal point in the room. It is certainly an option that adds another dimension to your design aspirations.

Canvas prints are easy to take with you or store

If you have moved home you will probably have experienced some sort of breakage or damage to your framed photos during transport.

No matter how diligent you are with your packing framed photos are far more vulnerable than canvas prints.

You can usually pack and transport canvas prints with a greater degree of confidence that they will look just as good when you unpack them again.

Canvas prints give you more options

When you are choosing wall art there are a number of boxes that need to be ticked, such as how big the image needs to be to make an impact.

If you want a really big and bold picture in your living room as a design statement, for instance, that is easily achievable with a canvas print option. You can buy wall art made from paper, of course, but that is thinner than canvas and won’t have the same durability or aesthetic qualities, such as 3D projection.

Easier to create a wall gallery using canvas prints

From an interior design perspective, you can certainly arrange a group of framed photographs to make it look good. However, it is also fair to say that you can take those design elements to a whole new level with canvas prints.

If you are hanging some wall art above your sofa, for example, you have the option of adding a group of canvas prints that all sit together so neatly that they add a real flow to the image. That’s something that is not so easy to achieve with framed photographs as the borders of each image interrupt that flow.

Canvas prints can also be more environmentally-friendly

As well as making a difference in terms of design aesthetics it is also good to know that choosing canvas prints over framed photographs can often be a decision that is kinder to the planet.

Your canvas print supplier may be using a number of materials and options that are less harmful to the environment. These include using non-toxic water-based canvas inks. The canvases may also be produced using renewable natural resources.

It can be even more reassuring to know that as well as offering many design and practical advantages over framed photographs your decision to go with a canvas print option will be more child-friendly as well as environmentally-friendly too.

Canvas prints can be used to transform every room in your home. They can be used to change how your bathroom space feels with something inspiring or calming, or you could choose a stunning piece of canvas wall art to create a focal point in your living room that gets everybody talking.

Canvas prints offer a design solution that is also very practical. Isn’t it time you took a look at what a canvas print could do to take your interior design aspirations to a new level?