May 27, 2021

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8 simple and easy DIY steps to cut tempered glass


Over a time, we have seen a paradigm shift in the interior designing industry. Ditch the traditional theme of wall surroundings. Allow the more convenient forms of inner decoration. The barrier to the decor between residential and commercial lines has been fading. So allow yourself to build a breathable and sustainable premises.

The first and foremost thing to consider is the inclusion of some effective resources to have a strong foundation of the same. Next, the visibility impacts more in terms of composite structure. So, the glass can be the fine reference. Thereby, it is important to know about how to cut tempered glass.

Whenever you need to consider the aesthetics of a building, the visual connection matters the most. So essentially, tempered glass is the best element. If you stick to the principles of safety, strength nothing can better support the function of the same.

In interior design plans, there is no substitute for the ‘safety glass.’ It is safe because of the insert of such properties. Next, cutting tempered glass is not difficult in attaining the purpose.

Before doing the above step, there is an absolute requirement to cut tempered glass. Doing it as per the desired dimension and at one’s convenience, it is possible.

Simple and Easy DIY procedure to cut tempered glass

Furnish Interiors With Safe Glass Materials

It is no longer scary to use the glass as a furnishing element. More to it, you can clearly defy your choices by opting for breakage free materials. The ideal solution for residential windows, doors, and partitions is the tempered glass. In extreme weather conditions, you can secure the surroundings with the scratch-resistant glass.

Due to the versatility and innovative effects, you can complement it in your favorite spaces. Next, it can withstand the high temperature and so the creative application suits rightly in bathroom spaces where it gets exposure to hot water.

Further, there arises several questions regarding the cutting tempered glass. Is it safe to do it as a DIY approach? For different reasons, it becomes necessary to accurately cut tempered glass. Though it is a bit tricky and difficult to do, yet there are some handpicked safe and easy ways to do it. If you are short of ideas, you need to consult the guidelines of the same.

Let’s check the step by step process where you can give it a big success.

Is DIY Cutting Of Tempered Glass Possible?

To check whether you can apply a DIY approach or not, it is important to know the difference between a normal glass and a tempered glass. This glass is 4-5 times stronger than the normal glass. Next you can do it by reversing the tempering process. Homeowners should seek professional help, use special laser cutters and customize it in their own manner.

1)  The first step is to know how to cut tempered glass. Initially, you have to pick those steps where you have to remove the dust particles. For the same, you have to do a thorough glass cleaning.

2)  After the cleaning of the glass, the annealing of the glass is required. Here, the annealing process refers to the technique where the tempered glass gets heated nearly at a temperature of 538 degree celsius and 1000 fahrenheit. The slow cooling is done to get back to the natural state.

3)  After the cooling of the glass, the tempered layer of the glass will start loosening. The next step to follow is to use a clean cloth and a glass cleanser. It will give a more refined look. Follow it with the procedure of the clean cutting of the glass.

4)  Now it is a known step that everyone has to do. Mark the required dimension of the glass for cutting. It can be a rough dimension if you cannot draw the accurate measurement. Finally, it should not go wrong because the suggestion is to use marking tools and proper instruments. Cutting the glass will be precise and the accurate measurements will help to make it better.

5)  While cutting tempered glass, you have to make use of the glass cutter over the marked dimensions. Over the drawn dimensions, people have to cautiously run it in a straight line. You have to apply the tool in a straight line to do it with moderate pressure. Getting the proper shape of the glass surface will depend on the cutting of the glass.

6)  After the cut of tempered glass, the next step is to put the dowel under the line. It is followed by applying moderate pressure on the glass surface along both sides of the dowel. The glass cutter will understand that cutting glass is going in the right manner.

7)  If someone wants to know about the process of how to cut tempered glass, it is followed with smoothening the edges of the glass. Next sand the glass edges with sandpaper. For avoiding any injuries and strengthening the glass, it is a must-have required step. So you can obtain a clean and easy look easily.

8)  After the final process is finished, you have to retemper the glass. It will help you in achieving the final tempered glass as per your requirement.

Bottom Line

If you want to combine safety at a single go, have to select the asset piece of tempered glass. It is better to know how to cut tempered glass and also you can checkout on Interiorcraze. The applications are endless and you have to decide where to install. For a better bathroom decor, you can use the tempered glass as a shower partition or a bathroom door.