Have you ever shifted to a new house or renovated your current one and struggled to store all your belongings? The hassle is real. Often, people living in small homes face difficulties trying to fit in all their chattels. Not only in tiny houses, but comparatively larger house owners also face such inconvenience. There are various issues other than having a smaller portion to store your valuables. Perhaps, people with minimalistic inspiration might not want to jumble up too many things in one place. So, they end up being confused about what to do with all their storage items.

Hence, having a bigger space isn’t the only solution to managing your messes. You need to think creatively and develop storage ideas that fit well with your house and interior inspiration. Below, we have mentioned some valuable and imaginative tips to manage your storage messes.

1. Storage units

Self-storage is becoming increasingly popular, with multiple storage companies opening up. They are by far your most accessible and safest storage options. Storing your items in a storage unit can declutter your home and make it much easier for you to organize all your messes. These self-storage units also facilitate hoarding, so you don’t have to worry about throwing away your things. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to manage unwanted or seasonal household items.

Moreover, most storage units guarantee security and prevention from theft as part of your contract. As mentioned, storage units are gaining popularity by the minute. More and more storage companies are popping up. Texas is one of the USA’s most famous states for having some of the best and most facilitative storage units in the entire country. For instance, storage units Beaumont TX offer the highest level of security and time effectiveness.

2. Chest tables

Chest tables are spacious, organizable, and a beautiful piece of furniture to keep in your homes. They add elegance and charm to your interiors and are great items to use as storage space for all your extra mess. You can pile up all your old clothes in them or stack a bundle of books. Chest tables also give your home an adult vibe. If you are looking to step up from that college student home environment, you know where to invest.

Chest tables come in different sizes, styles, and shapes. They also carry many benefits other than storing your items. For instance, a cedar chest is durable, environmentally friendly. It further protects your stuff against pests. The best part about storage chests is that they come in different budgets. Hence, you don’t have to worry about them being too expensive.

3. Storage beds

With storage beds, you no longer need to hide all your messes under your bed untidily. Storage beds are one of the most fanciful and imaginative inventions to date. Bedrooms are the most used places in homes for storage. Hence, having a storage bed is a unique, creative, and practical idea for you to stay organized and stock all your valuables.

With storage beds, everything will be accessible to you. Whether it’s food, your books, or any other item, whatever you decide on storing in there. Storage beds, especially the ones with a similar opening, make the task of changing bedsheets so much easier. Perhaps, not to forget, organized and well-maintained storage beds give your room a neat and clean look.

4. Coat racks

Usually kept at the entryway, coat racks offer your home decorative and vertical storage. Most coat racks are tall (almost 72 inches) and can hold full-length scarfs and coats. Not only scarves and coats, but you can also hang your beanies, umbrellas, and other items you might need before stepping out of the house. These racks are cost-effective. They keep your things organized and are a good use of space.

They are incredibly convenient if you have a smaller space since they are tall and thin racks that do not require too much space. They are available in a variety of colors, designs, and textures. Along with providing extra storage space, they also add a luxurious touch to your house décor.

5. Kids’ toy chest

No one makes more mess in a house than kids. Consider investing in a kids ‘ toy chest if you are worried about keeping your child’s bundle of toys. These toy chests are usually rectangular boxes with a flat open lid. They are spacious and can fill in a lot of your kids’ valuables.

These chests come in different shapes and styles specially designed for children. For instance, there are toy chests that have wheels on the bottom and colorful exteriors. They attract kids who can’t wait to fill it with their most valued possessions.

6. Wood hamper

Wood laundry hampers perform similar duties to ordinary clothes hamper but are far more appealing than the latter. Unlike a regular clothes hamper, wooden hampers enhance your laundry room’s/bathroom style and give it a sense of attractiveness.

Wood hampers aren’t very costly either. But, a more fun fact is that constructing a wood hamper is super easy and fun. All you need is a beadboard, plywood, and a pin nailer.

7. Benches with hidden storage

Putting drawers underneath a bench or a sofa is the peak of creativity. Every house has a seating area, both indoors and outdoors. If you are facing storage problems, consider placing hidden storage in your sofas and benches and start stocking up all your extra belonging in those hidden drawers. With such a hidden storage option, you don’t even have to compromise on your house’s beauty, and you also get an adequate amount of space to stock up all your messes.

8. Shelving and wall niche

Shelves and similar decorative wall niches are the most used, popular, and practical techniques to manage your messes. Shelves give you extra space to put your belongings and also serve your house some great looks. You can find an abundance of different shelf placement ideas on the internet. Go with what you think suits your interior the best and with the one you are satisfied with the most.


Figuring out how to clear up messes and manage storage is an ongoing problem for nearly everyone. You are no longer living in the 70s, and piling up your extra stuff in a corner is not the proper technique to follow. You need to get fanciful with your ideas and think modernly. Storage units are a great option to consider to keep all your unnecessary or occasionally-needed stuff. In case you are skeptical about storage units, it would be best to stock in chest tables or a storage bed. There are several ways to manage your messes. Hopefully, the above-given tips will prove beneficial to you.