New Year’s resolutions are all about self-improvement, but you have to live up to them.

For 2018, over 50% of the new year’s resolutions were to save money. The second most popular resolution was to get in shape at 45%.

Unfortunately, most people will fail when it comes to achieving their resolution. Do you plan on making a new year’s resolution for 2019? We want to help you succeed!

Follow these 9 tips to help you stick to your new year’s resolutions.

1. Keep It Simple 

Don’t try to get overly complicated in your new year’s resolution. This means only pick one resolution. Don’t try to save more money and lose weight.

Taking on a lot of new goals at once will be daunting and overwhelming. It also means your focus and attention is spread too thin trying to get too much done.

You also want to keep your one goal simple. Getting in shape or losing weight are simple goals. Don’t decide that you want to compete in a marathon and a bodybuilding competition.

2. Tell People 

Don’t be afraid to talk about your goals with your family and friends. This will do two things to help you achieve your resolution.

The first thing it will do is create a network of support for you. Making major life changes can be tough, so having that support system will help you stay strong when your convictions start to waver.

The second thing it will do is hold you accountable. It is easy to let yourself slack or become distracted from your goal.

This accountability is most easily seen when people have a goal of losing weight or getting in shape. When you work out with someone else you are more likely to go because you are held accountable when you don’t go.

3. Start Small

Be realistic in your New Year’s resolution. You want to create a goal that you have to work for, but can also actually achieve.

Once you have your goal, break it up into smaller stages. For example, let’s say you want to lose 20 pounds. Break that up and try to lose 1-5 pounds first. This is a much smaller goal and will get you one step closer to your overall goal.

4. Don’t Procrastinate 

The longer you wait to get started, the harder it will be. You need to plan out your goal first, so don’t wait to start your planning. You are more likely to succeed when you have a clear plan in place.

5. Learn From Your Mistakes 

If this is a resolution you have tried in the past and failed at, learn from that experience. This could mean that you shouldn’t make that same resolution again.

It also means that if you are trying for the same resolution, that you do not repeat the same mistakes you made last time. Don’t let yourself get stuck in the rut of focusing on your past failure.

The more you focus on your past failures, the lower your self-belief for this attempt. The lower your self-belief, the less likely you are to achieve your goal.

6. Create a Timeline

Having a timeline will help you stay motivated by giving yourself a deadline. This will help to track your progress and take the small steps we talked about earlier.

Don’t get too aggressive in your timeline though, remember you have an entire year to achieve your goal. So don’t try to reach your weight loss goal of 50 pounds in 2 months.

7. Track Your Progress 

It is hard to notice your progress when you are in the middle of working towards your goal. Because of this, you may become discouraged because you don’t think you’re making progress.

Track your weight loss progress with weekly weigh-ins. Track your “get fit” goal by measuring the size of your arms, waist, and legs. Track your saving money goal by having a chart where you track how much you put away each week or month with the total saved.

8. Forgive Yourself 

No one is perfect. Expect to make some mistakes and have some backsliding days. This can be an emotional and disappointing time, especially for those of you under the cancer sign.

Do not use a minor setback as an excuse to give up totally. Remind yourself of what you have achieved so far. You can also use your support system to help you rally and get started again.

9. Reward Yourself

Just like how you will have some setback days, you will also have some achievement days. Be sure to take a moment to reward yourself for reaching your smaller goals.

Just remember to not let yourself throw caution to the wind and go overboard on the reward.

10. Replace Your Bad Behaviors with Good

Humans naturally like to have a routine and stick to it. When you decide on a New Year’s resolution, take a look at your routine.

Think of ways that you can actively change your routine so that you are not tempted by bad influences. This way you aren’t 100% dependant on your willpower.

If you have an afternoon junk food snack time, got for a walk instead. If you pass your favorite fast food place on the way home from work, drive home a new way. If you surf the internet and shop online late at night, do a hobby like reading instead.

What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions

We are confident that this is the year you are going to achieve your new year’s resolutions. Start early and pick one achievable goal.

Then break up that goal into smaller steps that you can use to create a timeline. As work through your goal, track your progress. Remember to forgive yourself for any slip-ups and reward yourself for any goals you achieve.

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