There’s almost nothing better than camping in a flexible, simple, and cost-effective way. No wonder small campers are becoming more demanding, especially the pop-up camper. The pop-up camper or tent trailer is another RV class with fold-able walls and screen windows. It has a hard roof, box, trailer frame, soft walls, and pull-out bunks.

Depending on the makeup of the pop-up trailer inside, you may have two sleeping bunks, fold down dinette, a storage area, a board fresh water tank, a sink, a 12 volt DC power system, and interior DC lighting. Using a pop camper for camping trips has a lot of benefits, one of which is the permission they get to enter camping sites where other kinds of RVs are prohibited.

Pop-up trailers’ affordability and ease of towing make them the best choice for beginner campers. The pop camper may not have much living space as other large RVs, such as pop campers for trucks. However, you can make your pop-up camper trailer more comfortable by adding some features and upgrading.

What do I need to camp up in a pop-up?

To have a great camping experience, you need to take some items with your essential camping packing list. The following are some pop-up camper essentials:

Beddings and camping clothes

To have a good sleep and a warm night in your pop-up tent trailer, you need to take beddings such as bed sheets, blankets, and pillowcases. Camping clothes include shirts, trousers, thick stocks, head warmer, and puffy jackets.


Take your personal belongings such as soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, towel, toilet paper, washcloth, and toothpaste.

Safety Kit

You can get stung by a bee during camping trips or have a cut. Carrying a safety first-aid kit that may include pain relievers and antiseptics for cuts is needed. Incidents of fire outbreaks also require you to have a fire extinguisher.

Camping equipment

Asides from your Acevolt Campower 2000 portable power station to ensure all your devices remain alive while camping, you need some outdoor maintenance tools in your pop-up camper. You should take along some items, like wheel chucks, camper levelers, spare batteries, a water hose, and an electrical cord. A multipurpose tool, screwdrivers and pliers, duct tape, and spray lubrication can also help. Also, go with spare parts for your camper, such as spare tires.

Cooking and kitchen essentials

Have yourcamping food checklist and stock up to avoid running out of foodstuffs while camping. You will require a set of pots, which must fit on the burners. Food preparation requires potholders, serving forks and spoons, seasonings and spices, measuring cups and spoons, a cutting board, and a set of knives. If you don’t have a refrigerator to keep cold foods, you must have coolers to maintain the temperature. Other kitchen essentials include a lighter, napkins, sponges, water bottle, dustpan, and garbage bags.

How can I make my pop-up camper more comfortable?

The materials used to make the interior parts of a pop-up camper may lack the necessary comfort and design. If you want to camp in comfort and style, you can always upgrade and add some features to make camping more enjoyable. For instance, some pop-up campers with bathrooms while others don’t. Here are some ways pop up trailers can be more comfortable:

Get a memory foam trooper

A mattress trooper is an additional layer added to your camping bed to give you more comfort, softness, and warmth needed for a camping trip. Troopers are usually light to carry around and are inexpensive. Before getting one, measure the space for your bed in your pop-up camper, and you need to add a mattress protector to prevent wear and tear.

Add more Gizmos to your roof

While you may have solar panels on the pop-up camper trailer to power your solar generator, you can add gizmos to your roof. Gizmos are waterproof covers designed for tent campers. Adding this to your camper’s roof will look even more beautiful. If you love camping in the winter, you should get one.

Add a space heater

A space heater comes in handy during the winter. It is an excellent choice to add to your pop-up trailer. Unlike hard-side pop-up campers with ready-inbuilt insulators, a pop-up tent trailer requires space heaters to keep the temperature of the pop-up camper inside.

Add hanging shelves

Although it may seem awkward, having more hanging shelves adds more beauty to your camper. You can place little vases on these shelves. It is also an easy RV storage idea and allows for more storage and space for food items and utensils.

Protective screen room

Adding a protective screen room keeps bugs out, extra living space, and shields you from the sun and rain. With a screen room also, you get to have more privacy.

Add a collapsible canopy

To protect you from the sun, you can add a collapsible canopy to your pop-up camper. You can also connect it to the top of your roof and remove it when not in use.

Pros and cons of pop up camper


  • Relatively affordable compared to other RVs
  • Easier to be towed by any towing vehicle.
  • There are amenities such as fold-down furniture, a dinette, and electricity.
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Pop-up campers are allowed in sites where other RVs are not prohibited.


  • Not suitable for long-term living option.
  • A typical pop camper doesn’t come with bathrooms and showers
  • Not desirable for extreme weather conditions
  • It takes time to setup


Is a pop-up camper considered an RV?

Yes, it is considered an RV. There are two categories of an RV: towable vehicles and motorized vehicles. A pop-up camper is categorized as a towable RV folded into a small package.

How long do pop-up campers last?

Depending on how often you use it and how well it is maintained, it can last 15 years. Some may last less if their owners don’t properly care for them.


There are no specific vehicles for towing a pop-up camper. Any car, minivan, or small SUV can do the job. Instead of moving a large trailer around, a pop-up trailer can easily be a great choice. It’s easy to fold, package, and maneuver. A pop-up camper is best for the weekend and short trips where space wouldn’t be much of a big deal. Before buying a pop-up camper, you can rent one and see if you would love to own one.