Giving a gift to a book lover is quite easy. All you need is to make a contribution to their overflowing bookcases. However, you can be more creative with your gifts for your bibliophile friend or loved ones. One of such creative gifts is a custom-made bookmark. The best part is that personalized bookmarks come in a variety of styles and designs. It means that there is a lot of options available at your disposal. From a quote bookmark to a nature-themed bookmark, there are many engaging and engravable bookmarks gifts. Here is your guide to different bookmarks to gift your bibliophile friend or loved ones.

Quote Bookmarks

A quote bookmark makes a perfect gift for any bibliophile. Inspirational bookmarks with motivational quotes can boost the reading habit and fuel up to take the quick and right action. It can be an ideal gift choice for your friend who is going through a tough phase of life and needs some motivation to stay positive. You can get customized bookmarks printed with an inspiring quote or a quote by your ideal. Along with friends, you can also gift this quote printed bookmark to your colleagues or a student who is preparing for an upcoming examination.

Occasional Bookmarks

Occasion-based bookmarks make a popular gift choice. You can gift a special occasion-themed bookmark to your dear ones. For example, as Valentine’s day is on its way, you can get Valentines Day bookmarks gifts for your bibliophile partner. Similarly, you can gift Christmas-themed bookmarks to your loved ones to make Christmas day more special. There are many more such occasional bookmarks available in the market that you can easily get.

Famous Personality Bookmarks

Nothing can be a more precious gift for an ardent reader than a bookmark printed with a quote or face of their favorite author. You can buy influential people-themed personalized bookmarks for your friends. Get a bookmark containing the engravings of popular quotes and pictures of famous people or authors who inspire us. For example, if Charles Dickens is your friend’s favorite author, you can gift them Charles Dickens engraved bookmark with a tassel. It will be a perfect gift for a scholar or student who has just begun his reading ventures.

Personalized Family Bookmarks

What can be a more thoughtful gift than a family bookmark for your book-loving friend or family member? You can make your loved ones feel more special by gifting them a family bookmark engraved with a family photo. Moreover, you can further add a personal touch to the bookmark by getting a special message printed on it. It is quite easy to get your memorable moments engraved on a bookmark, for example,  your vacation pictures or a photo with your school friends. The recipient will always keep this heartwarming gift close to himself.

Other Designed Bookmarks

The versatility of customized bookmarks will leave you surprised. Apart from the above-stated engravable bookmarks gift, many other designed options are available for you. From a nature bookmark, zodiac bookmark to a beautiful artwork bookmark, there are a plethora of choices for you. For example, if your friend or the person whom you want to gift is a nature lover, you can gift him or her a nature-inspired bookmark. A bookmark engraved with dried leaves and flowers perfectly depicts the beauty of nature. Furthermore, you can also gift a zodiac sign-based bookmark like a bookmark printed with Aquarius zodiac sign artwork for good luck and positivity.


So, when looking for a perfect gift for your friend or loved ones who are ardent readers, consider the above-mentioned custom bookmarks with tassels. They make the best bookmarks for book lovers and best friends. Besides, you can also use different styles of promotional bookmarks as a giveaway to promote your business. Whether you want to gift a family bookmark, nature bookmark, occasional bookmark, or quote bookmark, the sky is the only limit. You can even add the text of your choice on the bookmark and make it more valuable.