Consumers are shopping for gifts year-round! While holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter do see a rise in the sheer volume of shoppers purchasing gifts; birthdays, name days, and many other personal milestones are celebrated at various points throughout the year, and gift shopping for the perfect present to mark these occasions is always necessary. Think engagements, weddings, graduations, and other celebrations, for example. And of course, there is also the ‘just because’ gift – a present one gives to a loved one or partner, just to show gratitude or appreciation. The gifting opportunities are endless!

As such, it makes sense to tap into the booming gifting market, and to make sure that your online store is the very best one-stop destination for gift shoppers – a Gift Hotspot, if you will! But how to become a standout gifting retailer of choice in the online space, you ask? Before you start looking for giftware wholesalers, let’s find out.

Step 1: Define your Target Gifting Audience

Birthday Gift Shoppers

Needless to say, birthdays are one of the most important occasions for gifting retailers. Targeting gift shoppers who are searching for the perfect present for the birthday girl or boy in their lives is a great opportunity for an online gift shop to become a one-stop destination for returning customers, especially if your business goal is to encourage repeat clientele (which it should be!)

While every birthday is important, certain milestones are considered more special than others – and as such, require the selection of a special gift! These occasions include coming of age 18th and 21st birthdays, as well as important milestones such as 30th, 40th, 50th, and 70th birthdays.

18th and 21st Birthday Gifts

In Australia, turning 18 defines a certain coming of age – the legal drinking age, as well as the legal driving age, and essentially, the moment a teenager is considered more or less, an adult. As such, the most popular birthday gifts for 18-year-olds often include alcohol such as champagne or wine, scotch or whisky, or even vodka.

The 21st birthday milestone is also considered somewhat of a coming of age. Now out of their teens, however, a 21st birthday gift recipient is perhaps deserving of a more sophisticated gift. Think classic jewellery, or a watch perhaps – timeless pieces to celebrate this important milestone and gateway into adulthood.

30th, 40th, 50th, and 70th Birthday Gifts

As a person gets older, it is important to choose gifts that are appropriate to their years. By their 30s, a birthday gift recipient should have a good idea of their own personal taste, and the best gifts will cater to this. On the flip side, older birthdays – into the 50s and beyond – are often best celebrated with sentimental gifts which hold emotional value. Framed photographs or poems make excellent gifts for those over 50, for example.

Wedding Gift Shoppers

Ah, the wedding gift! What an important milestone, requiring a considered, thoughtful offering. Fortunately, most engaged couples organise a gift registry ahead of their upcoming nuptials, making it easy for gift-givers. These requests are often in the form of homewares – such as cutlery, dinnerware, and home appliances.

‘Just Because’ Gifts

‘Just because’ gifts, something a partner may give their loved one to show gratitude or appreciation, most often include flower bouquets, chocolate, hampers, or even wine. These gifts are also great gifts for Valentine’s Day celebrations!

Step 2: Source and Acquire the Perfect Gifts to Sell Online

Now that you have identified the audiences you wish to target, and the gift items most appropriate to these shoppers, you must source and acquire these products to sell them in your online store.

The best way to do this is through a giftware wholesaler. Using a wholesale gift supplier will ensure that you are sourcing your products at the lowest possible price so that you can make the highest profit when selling your items in your online store. It will also ensure that you are accessing the best range of gifting products available on the market, ensuring in turn that you are catering to all of your customers’ gift-giving needs! Making sure that you are stocking the most relevant, attractive, and appealing gifts will keep your gift-shopping customers coming back to your online store. Your website will be considered a Gift Hotspot in no time!