When you mention your best snacks, the list is never complete if you leave out the hot dog.  The hot dog is a timeless, universal snack for young and old alike. If you’re a chef, or pastry-enthusiast learning how to make the most delicious and finger-licking hot dog, you know you need a reliable machine.

So, should you invest in a hot dog steamer? How reliable is it if you want to open a concession stand or a food store? What sort of hot dogs does the steamer produce? This guide is a timely tool to help you know what to look for when buying a hot dog machine.

Types of hot dog machines

It is crucial to know the types of machines in the market before buying one. There are three types of hot dog machines in the market. Your pick is determined by your need, the cost, and the functionality of the machines.

Hot dog steamer: This type cooks fast and is easy to use. It is an ideal choice for beginners and high-traffic eateries. A hot dog steamer can make from 100 to 200 wieners at a go.

Hot dog roller grill: This type is smaller than the steamer. It is the ideal choice for most consumers because it allows one to see the snacks as they cook. This feature entices the customers in the queue to wait for the snacks in the grill.

Hot dog broiler: The broiler is designed for display purposes. This is because it’s modeled like a rotisserie to entice customers to get in the shop and have one. However, its capacity is limited to 18 to 30 wieners.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing

Capacity: Buy a machine that caters to the size that satisfies your need. Do you need one to supply snacks on a sports ground, a café, or a food store? Consider the average traffic of the customers you intend to serve.

Size: Consider where you’ll place the hot dog machine. Do you have enough space where you’ll place it? Take the measurements of the stand or work table and compare themwith the dimensions of the hot dog machine. Take into account that you need so allowance to free fitting and for movement when preparing the snacks.

Cost: How much do you plan to spend on your hot dog machine? You should not go for the cheapest type in the market because the price is a result of so many factors. For instance, the broiler type may be expensive because of its display features. It may be costlier than the other two types yet it makes the least number of hot dogs per time.

Shop from several providers to find a machine that sufficiently meets your need and budget. You may decide to spend a little more on a type that will serve you longer.

Cooking time: Hot dog is a fast-moving snack. Therefore, consider a machine that takes the shortest time to get the wieners ready. Ensure the snacks are well cooked, steamy, and crispy within reasonable cook time.

A hot dog machine is a necessary kitchen appliance for anyone who wants to have the best snack. Consider your needs and shop for the most appropriate hot dog machine.