Did you know that there are 17 regions in Spain, all with unique characteristics and communities? 

If you’re planning a move to Spain, finding the right place can help you deal with the cultural adjustments. With all the diverse communities, it can be difficult to decide where to reside, especially if you can’t visit ahead of the move. 

Keep reading to learn how to move to Spain from the US so you and your family can make the most of it! 

Consider Your Restrictions

One of the most common reasons people move to another country is for job opportunities.

If you want to learn how to move to Spain from the US, you need to know where you’ll be working. Unless you have the option to work remotely, you don’t want too long of a commute to the office. 

Other things that could influence where you move are climate preferences and budgets. 

Apply for a Visa

To immigrate to Spain, you’ll need a Visa passport.

There are several types of Visas for tourists, retirees, and students. You can also get a work Visa from a US company or business in Spain. Self-employed Visas or Spanish investor Visas are less popular, but can still help you relocate. 

Once your visa application is accepted, you qualify for residency after investing money in the economy. To become a Spanish citizen in the future, you must go through this process. 

Prepare for the Move 

The idea of moving to another country may seem simple, but in the final weeks, you’ll need to take care of your home.

If you own a home in the US, you must sell it or rent it. You can keep your property if you have enough money to still move, but most people sell. Since you have to fly to Spain, you won’t have the option to pack and move all of your belongings.

Give yourself enough time to thin out your belongings as much as possible. You may need to donate items or sell them and buy new furniture sets in Spain. 

Find Your New Home 

Many people that move to Spain from the USA don’t see their home before committing to it. 

If you want to be happy in an unfamiliar environment, you need a home base. A place that provides you with safety and comfort will ease the transition, especially if you have children. Luckily, you can find villas for sale here and feel comfortable from the first day on. 

Consider the communities and how far you will be from work and school. 

Do You Know How to Move to Spain from the US? 

There are so many steps to relocating, that it’s easy to overlook the most basic things. 

Learning how to move to Spain from the US can save you time and ensure you end up in the right home. By researching the areas and considering work and school restrictions, you can also avoid long commutes. Apply for your Visa with plenty of time in advance, as the process will take several months. 

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