Grandiose canyons. Dry, arid desert. Winding, sparkling creeks. Breathtaking, golden sunsets. Rolling sand dunes. Snow-capped mountain ranges. Pines, cottonwoods and cacti. National monuments and Indian ruins. Cityscape and countrysides. The Grand Canyon state has it all!

For almost 100 years, Arizona has grown steadily into a increasingly urban state, a hot bed for solar and sustainability advancements; however, the state continues to maintain and preserve its indigenous culture as well as its picturesque landscapes and attractions, including the Sonoran Desert in central Arizona, the Siguaro National Park in southern Arizona, and the San Francisco Peaks and the surrounding area in northern Arizona.

Because of the state’s varying terrain, tourists come from all over the nation and the world to embark on adventures of virtually every kind — from outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, skiing and snowboarding, to visiting one of the world’s natural wonders via train, and attending nationally-recognized events such as the Fiesta Bowl.

Sports fans can root and cheer their heart out for Arizona’s professional teams, including the Diamondbacks, the Cardinals, the Suns and the Coyotes. Or, for a relaxing vacation, Arizona offers spas, fine dining, and renowned resorts and hotels.

So what are you looking for? Experience AZ is your guide for all things Arizona.