Gone are the days of the “staycation.” Guests are craving function over flourish, and intimate spaces rather than overbearing enclaves. The hospitality trends of 2013 are all about comfort, simplicity and high-quality experiences.

While it changes with the year, and the economy, the trends we’re seeing now are showing that the majority of people are leaving the recession behind, putting a focus on the value of travel and are looking to purchase an experience rather than an item. Below is a glimpse of what 2013 will hold for hoteliers, restaurateurs and travelers alike.

Top Hospitality Trends in 2013

Cozy vs. cutting edge

It’s no longer about which designer worked with a hotel to give it that cutting-edge design, statement furniture and bright color scheme. In our ever-busy day-to-day lives, people are craving comfort and cozy spaces, rather than a “cool” space with no functionality. Take, for example, the lush leather couches that adorn the casitas and are placed throughout Last Drop at the Hermosa; they provide a feeling of warmth and comfort, rather than being a piece of furniture that is meant to be looked at, instead of used.

Locavores unite

While celebrity chefs have come to the forefront of the hospitality industry — and TV screens — across America, guests are becoming more and more concerned with the food itself, rather than a creative presentation from a big name. The locavore movement that focuses on everything that is locally produced, raised and grown, will be — if it’s not already — a major component of the culinary mission for resort restaurants. As we have already begun here at LON’s at the Hermosa, the property’s one-acre garden provides the majority of herbs, citrus and vegetables, which are used in the LON’s kitchen, in addition to those supplied from local farmers.

Quality of experience

There is an air of optimism among guests, and 2013 is looking to be a year where travelers are back to doing exactly that: traveling. Say “goodbye” to staycations, as most people are now beginning to place a higher value on splurging in order to get a high-quality experience and a stress-free trip, rather than an item. Whether the recession shed a light on the unimportance of having more “stuff” than the next guy, I’m not sure; but there has been a shift, and the value of travel is only going up.

Personal connections

As a 34-casita resort, we may already be the epitome of having a personal connection with our guests; however, in 2013, this is where many resorts — and travelers — are headed. Social media may have a part in ushering in this trend, as guests are now used to speaking one-on-one with resorts and restaurants via Facebook, Twitter and TripAdvisor. Because of this, larger hotels may be scrambling to keep up in 2013, when boutique properties and bed and breakfasts are already on a first-name basis with frequenting guests.

As guests and hoteliers alike make changes per evolving tastes, the next trend is only around the corner, and 2013 will surely be a year to benefit both parties.

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