Are you looking to try hog hunting for the first time?

If so, you’re in a for a real treat. Hunting hog is unlike hunting any other type of game.

A wild hog, or wild boar, is basically like a huge pig. In fact, these animals descended from pigs that were once domesticated.

In order to prepare for your first hog hunting trip, there are some things you’ll need to know first.

Check out this guide to learn the top hog hunting tips for rookies.

Quick Facts About Hogs 

Before we diving into the hunting tips, let’s quickly go over some quick facts about hogs.

When many people picture hogs, they picture them to be roughly the same size as your average pig. But, hogs can grow to be much larger than your average pig.

In fact, males can weigh as much as 200 lbs while females can weigh as much as 150 lbs. They can also be up to three feet high and five feet long.

Their coats are also extremely thick, which makes them difficult to penetrate with weapons.

Bring the Right Weapons 

For a successful hog hunting trip, you first need to make sure you bring the right weapons.

Because knives and blades don’t easily penetrate the hog’s body, most hunters stick to firearms. Also, targeting a wild boar too closely with a knife could be dangerous as this animal could easily charge at you and severely injure you.

Here are the weapons you should bring for your hog hunting trip:

  • A 12-Gauge Shotgun: This will work best if you’re hunting larger, adult hogs
  • Rifle: Depending on local laws, you may also want to bring a large caliber rifle
  • Large Caliber Handgun: If you’re dealing with a wounded hog, a .50 or .454 caliber handgun will get the job done
  • Compound Bow: A compound bow with a heavy draw is good for shooting hog from 30 yards away or less. Just make sure you use sharp arrowheads
  • Hunting Knife: As we said, it’s not a good idea to use a hunting knife for your initial attack. However, you can use a hunting knife to finish the hog just so as long as the blade is at least 6 inches long and a quarter of an inch thick

Wild Boar Bait 

Rules may vary depending on where you hunt, but typically, you can use bait to attract wild boars.

Here are some tips for baiting boars:


If you use corn to bait the boars, be sure to first soak the corn in sugar, beer, or water for a few days.

The great thing about corn is that it attracts hogs yet detracts other types of animals. This will give you an area to hunt the boar without any other distractions.

Pecans/Other Nuts 

Nuts and pecans are a great form of bait, as wild hogs love them.

If you want to catch a boar using nuts, be sure to leave them out for a few days. This way, the boar will start to believe that the area with nuts is a safe space and they’ll start to drop their defenses.

Be Aware of Local Laws 

Just like many other species of animals, you can’t just hunt down wild hogs anywhere you got.

Depending on where you are, you may need a license to hunt these animals. Here are some things to keep in mind in regards to local laws:

  • You can only hunt wild hogs at certain times of the year. These times vary depending on where you go
  • In some places, night hunting is legal
  • Some places have a size and weight restrictions for hog hunting
  • Some places limit the number of hogs you can hunt
  • Baiting is legal in some places, while in others it’s illegal
  • Some spots allow you to hunt feral hogs

No matter where you hunt, it’s very important that you adhere to the local laws. Otherwise, you may be subjected to penalties for hunting illegally, some of which can be quite severe.

Hunting Hogs With a Dog 

Taking your dog hunting with you can really add to the overall experience.

However, keep in mind that not all dogs are suited for hog hunting. Stout breeds like the Rhodesian Ridgeback or the American bulldog make great hog hunting dogs.

If your dog isn’t trained to hunt wild hogs and doesn’t recall on command, then you’ll want to leave them at home for this hunting trip. Wild boars can be quite aggressive, and if your dog isn’t properly trained, you’ll be putting them in the face of danger.

When Wild Hogs Attack 

Although a good weapon is usually enough to stop a wild boar in its tracks, you still need to be prepared in case of an attack.

Here’s what to do if a hog starts chasing you:

  • Look for a tree or some type of surface you can climb. This is better than running
  • Step out of the hog’s direction if they start to charge. If you do this continuously, they’ll lose steam and stop trying to attack
  • If a hog charges at you, don’t shoot at them when they’re charging. This will only aggravate the boar more

Remember, hogs only attack if they see you as a threat. If you’re careful around them, then they’ll remain calm.

Hog Hunting Tips: Are You Ready to Go Hunting? 

By keeping these hog hunting tips in mind, you’ll be more than ready for your upcoming trip.

Because of their size and stature, wild hog hunting can be quite a thrilling experience. Just remember to bring the right weapons, remember what to do when a hog attacks, and have patience.

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