As we get into April, golf fans have one thing in mind: the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club. It’s the first major tournament of the season.

Whether you will be one of the thousand spectators at the course or watching at home, you may find yourself inspired to pick up a golf club after the tournament ends.

Mike Poe from Quintero Golf Club offers some surprising tips to help you rule the links the next time you’re on the green.

1. Putting. Perfecting your putting game is the easiest way to save shots and is the most convenient motion to improve since you can practice this at home, in a hotel room or at the office. Prioritize practicing your putt and experience lower scores.

2. Dress to kill. Some may think their outfit might be the least important aspect of their game, but dressing the part will boost your confidence and attitude that will result in a better game.  Golf is a mental sport so if you look good, you’ll feel good, and you’ll play better.

3. Flexibility. Professional golfers rely on a large shoulder turn in their swing for distance and this stems from a player’s flexibility more than their sheer strength. A good overall stretching routine is one of the best ways to improve your swing and add distance to your shots.

4. Tempo. An important aspect beginning players don’t think about is tempo in their motion. Establishing a consistent tempo will help create a smooth swing and increase your chances of a better ball to club contact garnering improved results. By practicing wedge and short irons focusing on tempo you can develop your shots to have a steady balance and rhythm.

5. Take the easy shot. Golf is already a tough sport mentally and physically. There is no reason to over complicate it by taking risking the impossible shot. Attempt the simpler shots with lower risk and higher reward instead of high risk and low reward shot you saw a professional execute.