Surrounded by the starkly beautiful desert scenery of North America’s canyon country, Amangiri is situated on 900 acres in southern Utah. Celebrating its otherworldly home, the property has long acted as a springboard for exploration and discovery, while also serving as an inspirational base for artists, and as the backdrop for several unique installations and exhibitions. Continuing this legacy, Amangiri announced a new partnership with Arizona-based The Cosanti Foundation, from September 13, 2023 until the end of November 2023.

DEEPER DIVE: Ultra-luxe Amangiri offers stillness and sanctuary

The partnership sees seven individual windbell sculptures from Cosanti Originals (a subsidiary of The Cosanti Foundation) artfully placed along a designated hiking trail within Amangiri’s desert home, connecting the resort to Camp Sarika. The one-of-a-kind installations will remain in place for three months, allowing guests to marvel at their intricate handcrafted forms and experience the resonance of their melodic chimes. The largest assembly, ‘Desert Wind’, is almost seven feet tall and was originally cast in 2007 before being refined in 2019.

Handmade in Arizona using techniques that date back almost 65 years, smaller pieces are also available to purchase in the resort’s gallery. Their vibrant colours, textures, and design motifs make the perfect keepsake with proceeds helping to fund The Cosanti Foundation’s ongoing work in sustainable and experimental architecture.

Speaking on the partnership with Amangiri, Matteo Di Michele, Chair of the Board of Directors for The Cosanti Foundation, said, “With its focus on environmental preservation and love for the desert landscape, Amangiri is an ideal collaborator for The Cosanti Foundation. Our organization has a 67-year-old history of commitment to treasuring the southwestern part of the United States and we are honored to partner with the resort to welcome visitors to this extraordinary land.”  

Established in 1965, The Cosanti Foundation is an organization whose work focuses on finding a solution to modern social and environmental crises. The company was founded by the late Paolo Soleri, an architect who committed his life to designing environments that integrated sensitively and sustainably into the natural world. Alongside his world-leading research in urban planning, Soleri also became famous for his sculpture work, and specifically the creation of distinctive handcrafted ceramic and bronze windbells. Today, Cosanti Originals continues to make and showcase these handcrafted windbells, each one a bespoke masterpiece, sought after by collectors across the globe.