Scottsdale’s American Center for Biological Medicine (ACBM), the largest biological medicine treatment and training facility outside of Europe, announced it has acquired Scottsdale-based “The ZONE” from co-founders Christine Arians, wife of Arizona Cardinals football coach Bruce Arians and grief specialist Barbara Saint John. As part of the agreement, Saint John has moved her practice to ACBM as well.

ACBM already has the most comprehensive list treatments options outside of Europe. Adding The ZONE, which is a pod-like device that provides both conscious and subconscious healing and focus by removing outside distractions and adding positive stimuli, only enhances its many offerings.

“We provide various treatments to several individual Cardinals football players, which is what indirectly led to our introduction of Chris Arians and The ZONE,” said Dr. Jeoffrey Drobot, NMD of ACBM. “We’re always looking for proven, successful new treatments to assist our many local and out-of-town patients, and Chris and Barbara were the only ones to own this unique device in Arizona. Upon learning they were looking for ways to increase its use, we quickly realized it was a natural fit to bring the device here to the American Center for Biological Medicine.”

Other treatments offered by ACBM include: Electromagnetic therapy to stimulate cellular repair, neurofeedback, colon hydrotherapy, dynamic light therapy, electron foot baths, concentrated oxygen, IV therapies, Lymphstar cell and organ cleansing, pulsating currents of electricity to increase protein synthesis and cellular energy, neural therapy to correct bioelectric disturbances, oxygen therapies, and whole body low level hyperthermia.

“As ACBM patients have been coming through the office for other treatments, we’ve been introducing them to The ZONE and we’re extremely pleased by their positive reaction. It’s an excellent addition to our many treatments as The ZONE helps stimulate focus, relaxation and positive emotional healing,” concluded Dr. Dickson Thom, DDS, ND.