Summer 2021 will be here before you know it, and studies predict that it will be in the top 6 hottest summers! What does that mean for your wardrobe?

Well, a fresh new pair of sandals is probably a good place to start, but not just any sandals will do…We are talking white sandals!

We know what you’re thinking…Are white sandals fashionable? The answer is…Yes! So, let’s take a look at what you need to know before planning out your summer look!

Why White Sandals 

White sandals are the fashion necessity that you need in your closet this summer. Sandals are comfortable and versatile, so you can wear them for a casual beach day, or you could dress them up with dinner apparel. White sandals are especially versatile because of their color.

White matches everything, so when you are putting together a summer look, you don’t have to wonder whether your shoes match your outfit…White sandals always will!

Types of Sandals 

When choosing your perfect pair of white sandals for this summer, you have a couple of different choices. The Espadrille is the perfect sandal to wear in white. The base of these shoes is made from rope sewn into the sole of the sandal, and then the fabric is attached, usually in medium thick straps.

Another option for white sandals is the gladiator sandal. This type of sandal is made up of thin straps that climb up the leg. A white version of this sandal is perfect for a day or night look. Additionally, the simple single strap sandal is a great option to have in white.

White sandals are such a great staple to have in your summer wardrobe that you should consider having multiple types of sandal styles in white. A high-heeled white sandal is a great option for nightlife while a flat-soled strappy sandal is great for the beach. So, don’t get stuck on which style to get…Buy several!

How to Wear White Sandals

As we said, white sandals can pretty much go with anything. Considering wearing an all-white outfit this summer with your white sandals. The look will keep you cool in the summer heat and make you stand out in the crowd. Black and white fashion is another trend that compliments white sandals.

Try mixing solid black and white pieces throughout your outfit while keeping your white sandal footwear. White sandals are casual, but depending on your sandal style, they can be worn in the evening for dinner or a night out dancing.

Are White Sandals Fashionable?

So, are white sandals fashionable? Of course they are, and with this guide, you can start planning your summer style today! White sandals are comfortable, and any outfit can be matched with ease, so don’t be afraid to give a bold white sandal a try!

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