Is your brand struggling to share its voice with your customers? Are you employees struggling with how to describe what your company does to your customer base, making the sales process seem confusing or vague.

Did you know that you can change all this by using strategic messaging?

Today, we are breaking down the how-tos and the benefits of implementing strategic messaging when training your managers, your employees, and even discussing your company with your board or shareholders.

Strategic messaging is absolutely essential to companies in today’s world. The ability to design your products and put your products where they need to be in the market is an advantage that you can not afford to pass up. Using strategic messaging is how you get your products into the hands of consumers.

Product designers and the companies that sell them rely heavily on classic marketing concepts and strategies to get the word about this new product out there on the market. Although the world has changed, the positioning and marketing aspects are still as effective as they were in the last several decades.

What Defines Strategic Messaging?

Strategic messaging is a framework that all employees and personnel use to interact with current and potential customers. The way you communicate must infer value, you do this by offering them a solution to a problem they have.

This is the method that companies use to change perception in the marketplace. Having an effective marketing team is essential, so your message is the same on all different fronts.

Why Is Strategic Messaging so Important?

All companies use some form of messaging. Not all are effective or even beneficial to their bottom line. But as a business you have no other choice, you must tell people about your products in order for them to consider buying what you are selling.

A Strategic messaging plan is an organized plan of how your employees dress, act, and especially what they say to potential customers. This messaging plan needs to be in line with how you want your products to be perceived and your company’s vision.

Perception in the marketplace is everything. The ability to change someone’s perceptions is beyond valuable. You can not have an impact on someone’s actions if you do not first impact their perception.

It is hard to predict how bad messaging will affect your business. You may not quantify the sales that you do not receive, but you can quantify the reviews and reactions potential customers share of their experience.

Effective Messaging

Having a compelling message is very simple in theory. It only needs to be consistent and straightforward. Of course, you can add in a little flare to make your messaging unique and improve the customer experience.

It is hard to precisely measure how effective your strategic messaging marketing is as these aren’t items you can tick off on a spreadsheet or count analytics from a report.

The only way to know what your customers think of your strategic messaging is to ask for feedback and poll them. Sometimes an old-school questionnaire is a perfect way to get your customers to open up about what they noticed about your staff and communication.

One way to test your effectiveness is to ask your team members questions one on one, and then compare answers. Then try and match that up with how customers talk about your products.

It is beyond important that everyone is communicating the same product value as the best plans are the ones that follow time-tested methods. Make it simple and be consistent.

How To Create The Right Message

You must first know who your message will be reaching. After knowing your target audience you will be able to craft the appropriate message.

You must find a message that connects with your future customers. It must tell them who you are and what you offer in direct terms.

The most direct way to do this is to interview your prospective clients. Keep a detailed record of all conversations. Remember to focus on what they want to hear and not trying to sell your product.

In conclusion, putting time and effort into designing your strategic messaging plan is guaranteed to be a game-changer for your brand and business. Just remember to keep things simple. Train everyone the same, and be consistent. You’ll begin to see the results of your efforts right away.