A new study reveals Arizona as the fourth state most obsessed with the UFC, with a total search percentage of 36%. The report also demonstrated high interest in “UFC fight night” and “UFC news.” Modern MMA fighter Justin Gaethje is from the state and was a two-time Arizona state wrestling champion in high school.

Ultimate Fighting Championship, also known as UFC, is an American promotional company of mixed martial arts and is a growing sport with American and global audiences engaging. A new study has revealed the ten states in America with the highest interest in the UFC.

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The research, carried out by combat sport experts at MiddleEasy, analyzed Google Keyword Planner data of various search terms associated with UFC in the U.S. These terms were then combined alongside the highest grossing fights to give each state a “total search percentage score” in order to discover which states are most obsessed with UFC over the last 12 months.

The study shows that, to no surprise, Nevada is the state with the highest interest in the UFC. The state’s most populous city is Las Vegas, often dubbed the “fight capital” of the world.

The state hosted the biggest fight in UFC’s history, Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor. Nevada showed high interest in “UFC fight night” and “UFC tonight.” Of every 1000 people in Nevada, 48% are searching for UFC or UFC related terms ranking Nevada in first place. Nevada also has the UFC apex center in Las Vegas, which hosts fights and produces live events.

Pacific ocean state Hawaii is America’s second most interested state in America, with every 1000 people in the population, 42% of people in Hawaii were searching for UFC. The state’s high interest in UFC could be attributed to UFC featherweight star Max Holloway, a Hawaii native and world champion who defended his title three times.

The sunshine state of California also ranks as one of America’s states most interested in UFC, placing third overall, with a search total of 37%. The state has many fighters representing it, past and present legends such as Chuck Lidell, Cain Velazquez and the Diaz brothers. The state also hosts many fighters from around the world who train in the sport, American kickboxing academy is based in San Jose and has students such as Daniel Cormier and Khabib Nurmegamedov. All this can be attributed to the state having high searches for “UFC news” and “UFC rankings.”

Rounding up the top five isNew Mexico. Two of the state’s highest searches are in “UFC fight night” and “UFC tonight.” Which secured its fifth position in the rankings with a total percentage search of 31.71%.

In the sixth position in the rankings is Colorado, with a total search percentage of 31.09%. Colorado holds a special place in UFC history, with the first ever UFC event in history being held in Denver, Colorado, no doubt a contributing factor to the state placing on this list.

Massachusetts places seventh in the rankings, the state has high searches in “UFC rankings’”and “UFC” results. This helps the state percentage score of 30%. The highest state searches are “UFC” and “UFC fight night.”

The ranking reveals Illinois is the eighth most UFC interested state in America, with 29% as a total percentage search score. As well as UFC, Illinois was highly interested in searching for “UFC fight night” and “UFC results.”

The ninth state in the rankings and is revealed to be the ninth most UFC obsessed state in America is New Jersey. New Jersey has a total percentage score of 28.60%. The state has high interest in search terms “UFC news” and “UFC tonight.”

Placing tenth on the list is New York, with “UFC fight night” and “UFC tonight” showing as the most popular searches. New York has a total search score of 28.58%, it’s not surprising that New York makes this list, Madison Square Garden has hosted many UFC events over the years, most recently it hosted the Adesanya vs Pereira card.