While Arizonans wait (and pray) for cooler temperatures to arrive, one thing we don’t have to wait for any longer for pro football to descend upon us. Now that the National Football League (NFL) season is underway, not only can you enjoy pro games three days a week, you can also make bets on your favorite teams and players through NFL sports betting, and potentially win some money while you enjoy the football season.

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Sports betting is now more popular than ever among Americans, with a record of 45.2 million Americans claiming they planned to wager on the 2021 NFL season, according to research by the American Gaming Association. Whether you’re new or seasoned in NFL betting, you can use the below five tips as a starting point and guide for your season betting. Or better yet, come out to CAZ Sports Bar at Casino Arizona for in-person betting tips from our knowledgeable, friendly sportsbook staff.

Location, Location, Location

As they say in real estate, it’s all about “location, location, location.” This mantra is just as important with game odds, so pay attention to where the game is being played, and allow the game location to help shape your betting strategy. Homefield advantage matters. Some teams perform especially well in their homefield, so you’ll want to do your home vs. away record research to find out which teams have such homefield advantages. In that same vein, another consideration is travel disadvantage. Some teams don’t travel well, so keep track of where your betting teams played the previous week.

For example, a case can be made about West Coast teams traveling to the East Coast (Eastern Time) not feeling the impact of the time change, while East Coast teams are at an inherent disadvantage when forced to play on the Pacific Coast, which is three hours later than they’re bodies are accustomed. Another disadvantage to keep in mind regarding location is a change in weather conditions. West Coast teams traveling to the East and playing in the snow and cold can affect performance and therefore your odds. Location can be extremely useful information for NFL bettors.

Stay On Top of Injuries

One of the easiest tips for NFL sports betting is to simply stay on top of the team injury reports. Even one player down, can throw off the whole team, so make sure you’re aware of which players are missing practice due to injuries, as that can affect upcoming games and the team’s winning or losing projections.

Follow Your Head, Not Your Heart

We all have our favorite team. A favorite team can leave us feeling completely exhilarated after touchdowns rack up to victory or that same team can create a sense of deflation, after a series of fumbles, sacks, and interceptions, lead “our team” to defeat on the field.

These swings in emotional responses alone should alert you to a poor betting strategy, and yet betting with the heart remains a challenge for many gamblers. Whether it’s your favorite team or one you loathe, try to stay more objective toward NFL betting so you can avoid decisions based solely on favoritism. Instead, keep your eye on the best lines and best odds.

Watch Betting Lines During Week

The sports betting line is a major factor in predicting the outcome of the game. In order to detect and be able to seize advantageous wagers, you should monitor the betting lines throughout the week to pick the best one available, when the time is right you can maximize chances of winning (especially since NFL odds change as the week progresses).

Since the betting line reveals the favorite and the underdog in sporting events and shows the roughly estimated difference between contenders, it can be defined as a powerful indicator of value in sports betting. Another factor to keep in mind is the influence of public perception. Popular teams like the Dallas Cowboys will always maintain loyal fans betting with their hearts, but it’s likely they’ll be more favored than statistically supported. If you’re betting against the public, you might want to wait and let emotional bettors drive the line movement in your favor.

Diversify Your Bets

Just like your financial advisor would counsel you to diversify your investment portfolio, you can apply the same tactic to NFL sports betting. Betting against the spread (or point spread betting, is the most popular way to wager on pro football, but it’s not the only way! You can be successful by betting the spread, betting on the moneyline, and betting on game totals.

Better yet, know all the alternative bets you can make to truly accelerate your success. Many sportsbooks will allow you to bet on alternate spreads or buy and sell points. You can also find value in alternate markets such as player props, alternate over/unders, and live betting.

Use these five strategies to help increase your opportunities at winning, and if you want to bet on football in an exciting environment, visit our sportsbook at CAZ Sports Bar inside Casino Arizona.  It is an NFL sports betting fans paradise with a live betting counter, kiosks and 46 TV screens displaying all the live action.  of all, and enjoy  the fun and camaraderie of the football season!


Author: Jack Silverman is sportsbook manager at Talking Stick Resort and Casino Arizona.