With three successful COVID-19 vaccines currently in distribution worldwide, health experts say the end of the pandemic is finally within reach. COVID Verified is a new program that aims to be a ‘shot in the arm’ in support of global vaccination efforts by offering an easily identifiable way for vaccinated people to voluntarily share their vaccine status and show their support and solidarity for others as the race to vaccinate the globe presses on.

Founded on the same concept as the ubiquitous LIVESTRONG bracelet, COVID Verified is an awareness program that people can participate in by signing the COVID Verified pledge and wearing a purple COVID Verified bracelet that signals to those around them that “I have had my COVID-19 vaccine and I am safe to be around.”

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You’ve had your COVID-19 vaccination and posted that ever-important vaccine selfie. Congratulations! So, now what? You want others to know that you’ve been vaccinated and are safe to be around. The COVID Verified bracelet is the only accessory of its kind that you can wear every day that is designed to signal to those around you that you have been vaccinated and are safe to be around. Whenever you see someone wearing the purple COVID Verified bracelet, you can rest assured that that person has had their vaccine and is safe to be around as you begin to resume normal life.

Participating in the COVID Verified campaign and getting a purple bracelet is easy. After receiving your vaccine, visit www.covidverified.org to sign the pledge and order your bracelet. When your bracelet arrives, proudly wear it to let those around you know you care about the community and are safe to be around.

Campaign founder Clint Coonfer says the concept for COVID Verified was born out of a desire to mobilize people to get their vaccine and help create momentum with vaccine hesitant people by creating a public cause to support the vaccine campaign, move the economy forward and end the pandemic once and for all.

“Getting the vaccine is one of the single most important thing one can do as individuals and global communities come together to finally end the pandemic,” he said. “Most people who have been vaccinated are proud of their choice and have done so not only to protect themselves but keep others safe and they want other people to know that. We felt it was important for people to have a way to easily indicate to others that they have been vaccinated and a simple purple bracelet paired with an awareness campaign similar to LIVESTRONG was the most effective and universally recognized way to do it,” he said.

Powered by social media, the COVID Verified campaign encourages participants to post and tag photos, posts and stories on social pages by tagging the @C19Verified page and using the hashtag #IAMCOVIDVERIFIED and #IAMVERIFIED in social media posts.

As part of COVID Verified’s global efforts, the organization has set a goal to distribute 10 million bracelets this year and a portion of the proceeds will go toward The United Way COVID-19 Recovery Resource Fund. The group will partner with vaccine sites, hospitals, workplaces, community organizations and teams to support and encourage vaccine programs at the community level and provide an incentive to people who get the vaccine.

“By signing our pledge and ordering your COVID Verified bracelet, you signal to the world that you’re fully vaccinated and safe to be around ensuring solidarity with others and peace of mind as you resume normal life. Wearing a COVID Verified bracelet is simply the easiest way to show you care,” Coonfer said.

For more information about COVID Verified or to sign the pledge and order your bracelet visit www.covidverified.org. For campaign partnership information contact info@covidverified.org.