Christopher J. Apparel, the Phoenix-based clothing line that debuted with the ultra-comfortable Manhattan classic mens tagless undershirt, announces four new products including The Cupertino, a men’s long sleeve Tencel-based casual shirt, and the launch of a womens line featuring The Milan women’s black V-neck, The Maui tank top, and The Sedona athleisure crop top.   

Christopher J. Coriale wears the the Manhattan T.

“Finding solutions to problems is something I’ve done my entire career,” says Chris Coriale, founder and owner of Christopher J. Apparel (CJA). “After such frustration over trying to find a comfortable undershirt that fit properly, I just decided to create one myself. My first shirt, The Manhattan, is literally engineered to be amazingly comfortable. I call it the ‘Swiss Army Shirt’ because beyond serving as just an undershirt, it can be worn as a t-shirt, a workout shirt, or even a sleep shirt for a significant other.” Problem solved.

A software engineer, systems architect, information security professional and serial entrepreneur, Coriale wanted to start a company that made something tangible. With the launch of Christopher J. Apparel, he created the companys flagship product, The Manhattan undershirt. Because the undershirt serves as part of Coriales daily uniform” (paired with a dress shirt and slacks) in his line of work, he spent nearly three years engineering and designing the perfect undershirt using a Tencel and cotton blend that not only moves and stretches with the body, but that is sustainable too.

Tencel is luxuriously soft, very durable, requires a fraction of the amount of water to produce, and is actually biodegradable — so consumers can literally compost their old CJA undershirts. The material is also made with naturally antibacterial and moisture wicking fibers that leave the skin cool and dry.

Due to the success of The Manhattan, Christopher J. Apparel developed the new Milan V-neck tee for women featuring a few modifications to address some common issues. For example, the sleeves on The Milan are a bit longer for more coverage of the top of a woman’s arm and the shirt is longer in length so it can be partially tucked for style while still providing all around coverage. The Milan also includes a back-seam for stylistic detail. In addition to The Milan, CJA is expanding into the world of women’s clothing with The Maui tank top and The Sedona athleisure crop top. Colors include primarily black with grey, white, and some vibrant color options such as yellow and green. Prices range from $48 to $85. 

In addition to undershirts, Coriale is in the process of expanding his brand to include more options for the modern lifestyle, including athletic shorts and leggings as well as merchandise that bridges the gap between work clothes and casual clothes. The new line can be worn to work, to play golf, and then to go out to dinner or for a night on the town and will incorporate the Tencel blend as much as possible for not only comfort and multi-use functionality but also to stay true to the company’s sustainable fashion mission. For more, visit