When it comes to protecting your physical and mental health, a hike or walk in the great outdoors can be very beneficial. And according to a new study published by Gambling.com, Arizona has been named the 5th Best State in America for Long Scenic Walks.

DEEPER DIVE: 10 of Arizona’s best hikes

The data research team at Gambling.com analyzed five different walking related data points per state. Each state was given an overall score and then all 50 jurisdictions were ranked from best to worst — you can check out the Top 20 Best States for Scenic Walking below.

Walking is an effective form of low-impact exercise. Along with burning calories, it’s a great way to relax, take in nature, or get out of the house after a tough day at the office.

With the introduction of U.S. sports betting, a brisk, scenic walk is a great way for sports bettors to weigh their betting selections and discuss their potential parlay, prop or money line proposals with a friend or fellow sports fans. This ensures they are making calculated and smart choices when making sportsbook wagers.

Here at Gambling.com, the promotion and practice of responsible gambling is of paramount importance, and one way of ensuring that players manage their activity in the right way is to take regular breaks – what better way to take a break than enjoying some fresh air and spectacular scenic views that walking trails across the United States offer.

With this spring in their step, the researchers at Gambling.com decided to work out which U.S. states were the best for scenic long walks – where people can break a sweat and decompress. They analyzed five different routes in each state, along with statewide statistics, to rank each one about how good they are for an endorphin-boosting ramble in nature.

What are the Top 20 U.S. States for Scenic Walks?