With more than 4 in 10 Americans believing in the American Dream, the United States is considered one of the best places to live in the world due to its abundance of opportunities and high aspiration populace. With Americans spending over $105 billion on lottery tickets alone last year, Slot Tracker was keen to discover which which were the luckiest states in the U.S.

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The experts at Slot Tracker analyzed the total Powerball jackpot wins across the last 20 years in each state, alongside the total number of winners and average jackpot winner, to ultimately crown the luckiest state in the USA.

Florida is the luckiest state in the U.S.

Slot Tracker can reveal that Florida is the luckiest state in the US (and the place to be when you buy your next lottery ticket!) with an overall luckiness score of 9.51/10. Since 2003, Florida has seen 16 jackpot winners, winning an average of $175,471,014 each. The state has won a staggering $2,807,536,221 in total Powerball jackpot wins — double thewinnings of New York in fifth place ($1,360,709,487). 

California takes a close second place, with an overall luckiness score of 9.42 out of 10California, also known as the golden state, has the highest total Powerball jackpot wins in the whole of the US at $3,817,427,654, three quarters (75%) more than in neighbouring state, Arizona ($942,785,174). California has also seen 12 jackpot winners with an average of $318,118,97 won per winner, making it the US state with the highest average jackpot per winner.

Missouri lands third place on the list of luckiest states, with an overall luckiness score of 9.38/10. The state has produced 11 lottery winners, winning an average of $101,257,081 each, and over $1.1 billion in total Powerball jackpots winsoverthe last 20 years ($1,113,827,892). This is 15% more than Iowa in 9th place, at $953,989,403, making Missouri one of the best states to be in when you next buy your lottery ticket!

Landing in joint fourth place we have New York and Tennessee, each scoring 9.26/10. New Yorkers have wonover $1 billion in jackpots since 2003 ($1,360,709,488) — 27% more than Indiana in 8th place. Tennessee has seen 7 jackpot winners with an average win of $236,717,421 each, and over $1.6 billion won in total jackpot wins ($1,657,021,944), crowning Tennessee third for total jackpot winnings out of all of the states.

Arizona is the tenth luckiest state

Arizona rounds off the luckiest states with an overall luckiness score of 8.72/10. The Grand Canyon state has produced 12 jackpot winners in the last 20 years, earning over $900 million in total Powerball jackpots ($942,785,174) with each winning an average of $117,848,147, double more than the average jackpot winner in Pennsylvania, in sixth place.