Arizona ranks No. 11 for places senior citizens’ lives improved the most

new study found Arizona ranks No. 11 for where senior citizens’ lives have improved the most over the last decade.

COVID-19 resulted in a decline in life expectancy, but the pandemic aside, seniors are generally living better for longer. Death rates from common diseases impacting seniors have dropped; Social Security checks have increased even after inflation, and fewer older people are living alone in isolation.

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Seniorly today released a study on Where Older Adults are Living Better Lives using the most recent data from the CDC, U.S. Census Bureau, and the Social Security Administration from 2011-2020.

The rankings were determined by comparing all 50 states and District of Columbia across four main categories: physical health, mental health, finances, and social lives.

Arizona ranks No. 11 scoring 189.5 points out of a possible 306. Among the key findings, Arizona saw an 6% decrease in death rates for Alzheimer’s, COPD, cancer, and heart disease.