The state of Arizona has a big and growing coffee scene. According to Ibis World, the coffee and snack shop market in the state is already turning over $1.1bn per year and employs 18,260 people. At the time of compilation, there were 1,627 different businesses in Arizona making most of their money from selling coffee. It is an industry that is seeing growing demand.

The counties, with the highest share of sales, were Maricopa, Pima, and Pinal County. Given that these are the state´s 3 biggest counties by population, that is not really that surprising.

Tucson is punching above its weight

But when you start looking at things at the city level you can see that when it comes to reputation, value for money, and choice, some cities are punching above their weight. When Mandoe Media set out to find out where to buy the best coffee in the USA Tucson came out particularly well. When it came to value for money they were 3rd cheapest in the whole country. Yet, Phoenix was one of the most expensive. It ranked 92nd out of 100. You see a similar pattern when it comes to choice, Tucson ranked 71 places above Phoenix.

Specialty coffee has a home in Arizona

People who live in Arizona are spoiled for choice. All of the chains have a strong presence, but there is still space for independent roasters, many of which roast their own beans, then grind and serve them in shops that they own or sell directly to consumers online. Amongst the best are:

  • Cartel Coffee Lab – available by post nationwide
  • Press Coffee Roasters – Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Tempe
  • Peixoto Coffee Roasters – online direct to consumers and businesses
  • Passport Coffee Roasters – available online
  • Provision – Phoenix or online
  • Xanadu Coffee Roasters – one of the largest roasters in Arizona which sells single roast fresh coffee across the country

Many of Arizona´s smaller cities and towns are also home to some amazing independent coffee shops, which you can find out about by clicking here.

A few people are even experimenting with growing coffee in the state. Because of Arizona´s relatively dry climate, it is unlikely that this will be done on a commercial scale. But, some small growers are having some success with cultivating a few plants by following the technique outlined here.

Cult coffee has found a home in the state

On the whole people from Arizona are quite adventurous, which means they have been early adopters of quite a few unusual coffee-based drinks. Fresh orange juice topped with an espresso, which is known in Phoenix as a Good Morning Vietnam, a Sunrise, or an OJ Express (depending on which café you go to) has been a big success.

The future of coffee in Arizona

When you look at how much caffeine is consumed each day in each state, Arizona ranks second, in the USA. So, it is safe to say that for the foreseeable future, the coffee industry is set to continue to enjoy strong growth.