The ride-sharing business is only getting bigger. According to recent estimates, the industry is worth more than $75 billion. But all too often, that quick trip passengers hail on their ride-sharing app isn’t enough to get the job done.

Instead, when they’re moving, have a day of errands planned, or they need to drop a friend off at the airport, for example, passengers need to hail a car for more than just a quick one-way trip. They may need a different kind of vehicle than traditional ride-sharing options can offer. For example, they may need a larger vehicle or a vehicle that can be rented for a longer period of time than a ride-share typically allows.

That’s why, if you are looking to make extra money off of your car that perhaps remains parked for too long at any given time, you may want to consider sharing your car.

What Does It Mean to Share My Car?

When you share your car, it allows drivers to rent your — at your convenience — and lets you get paid for it. They go online and look for a car near them that can be rented and book it via the website or app.

What Are the Benefits of Car Sharing?

If you are considering sharing your car, here are three reasons why it may be a great move for your — and your vehicle.

1. For many of these programs, sharing your car allows you to make extra income out of a car that would just be parked anyway. Without these programs, your car may not last as long, as it’s not being driven regularly. These companies not only handle the details of getting your car rented by safe and responsible drivers but also taking care of any cleaning or maintenance that needs to happen after a ride is over. Sharing your car and making money off it will also help to offset some of the costs of ownership, including depreciation and insurance.

2. Another benefit of sharing your car is that it is low risk. That’s because companies that rent out their car will first complete an extensive background check before renting out any car. At the same time, many companies will also provide incentives to drivers who are not only safe with your car but also neat with it.

3. Finally, perhaps the biggest benefit is how good it is for the environment. One of the great things about sharing your car is that multiple people are using the same vehicle. When more and more people use the same vehicle, it is one less car that is out on the streets, and it is less harmful to the environment during production.

If you feel a little bit guilty about how neglected your car may be, you can get it out on the road again by sharing it with your fellow drivers who are not able to — or perhaps don’t want to — have a car of their own. It’s easy, safe and quick to sign up.