Are you getting ready to sell your car and upgrade to a new one? Don’t miss out on making a deal by trying to sell a dirty car. While a nice paint job looks fantastic, a dirty car interior can drive potential buyers away, detailing your car is cricual.

Check out these five essential tips that will have your car looking clean and fresh before you get ready to sell.

1. Give Your Dash a Wipedown

The dashboard and steering wheel tends to get dusty and dirty, and it’s often something many drivers overlook. Use a quality car interior cleaning solution that will make your dashboard shine.

Wipe the dash down using the solution and a soft microfiber cloth. Be sure to get the steering wheel and the entire dash including the passenger side.

2. Declutter the Interior

Whether it’s a stack of old CDs or fast food wrappers, you need to clean out the clutter before you gather information on how to sell the car. Trash is the hallmark of a dirty car interior, so grab a trash bag and start tossing.

Look under the seats and in the glovebox, too. Throw anything away that you don’t plan to keep or use in your future car. 

3. A Dirty Car Interior Has Dirty Windows

You probably already gave your vehicle a nice wash and wax treatment. However, the interior windows could likely use a good cleaning as well.

Take a glass cleaner and wipe down the front and back windows until they’re crystal clear. Remember to clean all side windows as well so that every single window looks as clear as possible.

4. Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

It’s always a good idea to make sure everything is working before you sell your car. This includes performing a quick check of essential things like the headlights, taillights, and interior dome light.

Make sure your turn signals are working correctly and that the wipers are working, too. You may even want to top off fluids just so everything is functioning as it should. A quick battery check is also recommended, and you can get it recharged at most auto parts stores for free or a low cost.

5. Follow the Golden Rule

When you clean your car, think about the potential buyer and how they’ll feel about the sale. You certainly wouldn’t buy a dirty car, so why would your buyer want to?

As you clean, look over everything carefully to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Vacuum pet hair or crumbs, straighten floor mats and pay close attention to those small details that could mean the difference between cash in your hand and a missed opportunity.

Make the Sale with a Clean Car

Even if you have a dirty car interior, there’s no need to stress. With these easy cleaning tips, you can transform the look of your vehicle in just a few hours or less.

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