With consumers becoming more mindful of their health and wellness, they are looking to the ‘better for you alcohol’ category as an alternative to beer, wine and spirits. Boochcraft, a market leader in that category with their high-alcohol kombucha, was born out of a garage in San Diego, California in 2016. Created by Andrew Clark, Adam Hiner and Todd Kent – the founders bonded over their passion for crafting a beverage they could not only enjoy, but also feel good about drinking. Phoenix is the first city outside of California to sell the product. 

Every Boochcraft blend contains all of the traditional health benefits of its low alcohol counterpart but with a seven percent alcohol by volume punch. Using only certified organic ingredients, it is gluten free, raw, vegan, contains living probiotics and is sure to please any health focused individuals who still want to enjoy a little bubbly buzz. 

“I am especially excited to bring Boochcraft to my home state of Arizona, as the second state for distribution,” said Andrew Clark, co-founder and chief brewing officer. “We know what a lively and health-conscious state this is and believe our product will perfectly match the wellness lifestyle individuals embrace here.” 

Boochcraft is available in 4-pack 12oz cans (available in April), 1/6 and 1/2 barrel kegs and a sleek 22-ounce glass bottle that is now for sale in ten different locations around the Valley including the Whining Pig downtown, Bottle Shop 48, Jobot Coffee & Bar, First Draft Book Bar, Sun Devil Liquors and more!

The three flavors offered in Metro Phoenix are:

Apple Lime Jasmine – crisp freshly pressed mixed apple varieties, lime juice, and the elegant floral aromatics of jasmine green tea unify producing a refreshing cider-esque bubbly with a soft finish

Grapefruit Hibiscus Heather – sweet, yet biting grapefruit juice colored delicately pink with hibiscus, adds a deep rich cranberry tart backbone while supplying a subtle hint of strawberry finish

Ginger Lime Rosehips – spicy fresh pressed ginger juice with lime juice and bright zesty rosehips

Sustainability and community are core parts of Boochcraft’s mission and values. In the brewery, the brewers compost all of the juice and tea scraps, only use certified organic ingredients, source produce from local California farms, and are committed to finding new and innovative ways to conserve resources and limit their waste. The company gives back one percent of gross sales to nonprofits that promote sustainable food systems, and created a program called Farm to Families that aims to bring fresh regenerative produce to underserved families. 

Boochcraft’s official launch event will be held on Saturday, April 20 at monOrchid. It will be a specially curated immersive experience with one-of-kind installations and a unique Arizona inspired Boochcraft flavor! More details to come. For more information and where to purchase, visit boochcraft.com.