When it comes to your vehicle, it is only natural that you want to ensure it runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. There are various ways in which you can help to achieve this, and by taking the necessary steps, you can look forward to driving a car that runs smoothly and is a pleasure to drive.

Sadly many motorists are making the false economy of cutting back on servicing and tuning thinking this will save them money.

Let’s look at the hidden costs and problems that come from neglecting a car service schedule.

As the environmental impact of your chosen transportation matters more and more, a neglected vehicle can be less fuel efficient and more polluting.

It is worth noting that many people have chosen hybrids and 100% electric cars as these are relatively simple, reliable and cheap to run but even these still require regular servicing and maintenance to ensure they remain so. They may not have combustion engines but the motors and batteries are all subject to wear and tear over time and can lead to a loss of efficiency and range.

So how do you keep an electric car running at peak efficiency? There are various steps you can take in order to achieve this, and one of these is to ensure you get your car specially tuned and serviced on a regular basis, swapping in higher performance parts that will last longer and extend your range.

Many people underestimate the importance of having their combustion vehicle tuned, assuming it is an unnecessary cost, but this is something you need to do for a variety of reasons. We will look at some of these reasons in this article.

Some of the Key Benefits

There are a number of key benefits that come with getting your car serviced. One of the main ones you can look forward to is greater fuel efficiency. Regular servicing can help to make it easier for you to keep your vehicle in good condition and this, coupled with the checks carried out during servicing, will make it easier for you to enhance fuel economy by 10-15 percent in some cases.

Another of the things to consider is that having your vehicle serviced on a regular basis can help to extend the life of your vehicle. A breakdown is frustrating, expensive and inconvenient and usually can be avoided.

For most people, buying a vehicle is a big investment and one that costs a lot of money. It is only natural, therefore, that they want to ensure the vehicle runs well for as long as possible. In addition to keeping your vehicle running for longer, these regular services will also make it much easier for you to ensure the safety of your vehicle, which is of paramount importance.

As most motorists will know, maintenance of a car can be expensive but if major repairs arise, it can cost a fortune. By having your vehicle serviced on a regular basis, you can ensure that any minor issues are identified early on.

For example a puncture is cheaper to repair than replacing the whole wheel and tire, but ignoring a tire pressure check can lead to much more expensive repairs.

So along with regular garage or main dealer service schedules regular checks should be carried out on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This means that small problems can be dealt with before they turn into major or even potentially dangerous issues. In addition, it means you can get the issues dealt with while they are still minor and affordable rather than waiting for them to spiral out of control when the work will cost far more.

Safe Driving with Peace of Mind

When you have your vehicle serviced on a regular basis, you can look forward to safer driving with total peace of mind. You can look forward to increased fuel efficiency and greater savings as well as a smoother drive in a vehicle that is safe and reliable.

Of course, you need to ensure you take your vehicle to a reputable and approved mechanic or service provider. Also, remember that having your vehicle serviced on a regular basis by a reputable and approved mechanic will help it to maintain its value more easily and will make it easier for you to sell your vehicle.