QuoteWizard, a LendingTree company, and one of the nation’s leading online insurance marketplaces, released a new report today on the most expensive popular cars to insure.

QuoteWizard compiled data from nearly every major insurance carrier and found that at an average of $2,830 a year, the Tesla Model 3 is the most costly popular car to insure. The Subaru Forester, meanwhile, is the least expensive popular car to insure at $1,760.

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Here are the five most expensive and least expensive cars to insure.

Most expensive:

1. Tesla Model 3: $2,830

2. Tesla Model Y: $2,658

3. Hyundai Sonata: $2,332

4. Kia Forte$2,328

5. Hyundai Elantra: $2,295

Least expensive:

1. Subaru Forester: $1,760

2. Jeep Cherokee:$1,767

3. Honda CR-V:$1,769

4. Jeep Wrangler:$1,777

5. Honda Odyssey: $1,822

The full list of the most costly popular cars to insure is available at the link below. The report also includes information on what makes some cars more expensive to insure than others.