The new year signifies another chance for new beginnings, and most homeowners grab this time to prepare their house for a major make-over. True, a house upgrade is not something that only happens for a day, but you can do it one area at a time. It doesn’t have to be somewhere big like the living room or kitchen. With this said, you can start with your bedroom.

After a long day’s work or a busy day of doing household chores, you most certainly deserve a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling good and light when the morning comes. To craft a bedroom where you can relax and be creative at the same time, you only have to do quite a few touches here and there.

Here are some bedroom upgrades you must not miss out to start the new year with style.

Buy a New Mattress

One of the tell-tale signs that your mattress needs to be changed is when it starts to feel uncomfortable. Your mattress has to provide you comfort so you can ease up and have a night of quality sleep. When it begins to sag, creates dips or lumps, or you wake up with body pains or soreness, it is no doubt that you need to buy a new mattress.

With the advent of the internet, you don’t have to go through the bothersome process of going to physical stores and try out the mattresses yourself. Most online mattress brands deliver high-quality mattresses directly to your home. This latest bed in a box trend has been the talk of the town for many consumers now.

Quick Q&A: Why should I get a mattress online?

Getting your next bed online doesn’t only give you the benefit of a fast and easy transaction but also provides you with an assurance that the bed you will get is high-quality, durable, and worth-it through the detailed customer reviews that online brands offer.

Use Tapestries for the Walls

Having wall tapestries is a great way to have a stylish bedroom. Its unique designs and patterns instantly make a bold statement and brighten the room with positive energy and good vibes. Tapestries are also good materials to use as a curtain or a throw over furniture. Not only that, but you could easily use them as your chic and voguish selfie background!

The advantages of having wall tapestries don’t end there, though. They also come at a very friendly and affordable price. Plus, they can serve as wall insulation when your wall feels cold to the touch.

Add a Few Artworks

Putting up picture frames or your favorite artworks on your wall can make a huge difference, especially when you put them in similar frames. This way, you might feel like you are walking into an actual gallery, but it is just your room in reality. You don’t have to put up too many artworks because it may look chaotic and unfriendly instead. Adding just a few will do the trick.

Arrange the Bedroom Furniture

You don’t want your bedroom to look messy and suffocating, so the best way to get rid of this sensation is to arrange your furniture in a more conducive way and one that doesn’t take up too much space. It is best when your bed is placed on the side with the longest dimension, but you can place it in a corner for a more dramatic look if you have enough space.

You can also put a nightstand on either side of the bed. Modern and minimalist designs often utilize a low-profile console table as a vanity where you can display your favorite artwork, table lamp, and other bedside accessories.

Change the Background Color

Painting the walls new is probably one of the most anticipated parts of a home upgrade. According to Interior Designer Athena Calderone, having a grey tone creates a cool, cozy, and soothing vibe and is, therefore, one of the best paint colors you can have for your bedroom. You can even add other colors to put a little bit of accent and personality if you want. The color grey is versatile and sophisticated when combined with other colors.

Make Lighting a Priority

Aside from the bedroom furniture, artworks, and colors, you must also take into account the lighting of your room. Having a good light can make your room feel warm and cozy, especially when arranged in the perfect places, and directs their light in the right angles. You certainly wouldn’t want your light to be too bright or too dim.

It would also be better if the light is pointed away from your bed so that it will not be too much trouble and wouldn’t make your eyes too uncomfortable.


We all need quality sleep, and having a cozy and warm bed, aesthetically satisfying designs, and good lighting are essential elements to achieve the rest we all deserve. Now that the new year has come again, you may want to forget the old, and bedroom upgrades might just be the start of the kind of ‘new’ you are looking for.