Bluetooth trackers are one of the excellent ways to look over your lost items, as most of us find these tasks challenging. In fact, looking for lost items can also put much unnecessary stress on you. Moreover, choosing the best Bluetooth tracker will ease these problems.

But as in the market, there are plenty of brands, and it’s hard to find the ideal one which effectively tracks personal items, including pets.  However, look no further here; in this latest article, we review 7 high-quality Bluetooth trackers which track your lost items

Best Bluetooth Trackers for 2022: Summary

  1. Apple AirTag
  2. Tile Mate
  3. Tile Sticker
  4. SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Smart Home Accessory Tracker
  5. Tile Pro
  6. Tile Slim
  7. Chipolo ONE Spot

How We Choose the Best Bluetooth Trackers Brands

Before jumping to the product details, let’s see how we choose high-quality Bluetooth tracker brands.

Functionality: We dedicatedly review product functionality. Products that offer multifunctional features, including how efficiently they track your personal items, including pets, are the top picks on our list.

Distinct range: A ideal Bluetooth tracker will have a great range, such as up to 200 feet from your mobile device, which will let you pinpoint your lost personal items without having to go around in literal circles trying to pick up on them.

Battery Backup: We choose those Bluetooth trackers which have good battery life. That means you don’t need to charge your tracker constantly, this can be a huge burden off of your shoulders.

Voice Control: The best part is that we choose Bluetooth trackers, which you can pair up with smart speakers such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa or Siri.

Customer Reviews: Usually, you will find plenty of customer reviews on retail sites, the brand’s websites, and others. These comments are a way of knowing what to expect with these Bluetooth tracking products. How accurately they work, their mechanism, and their effectiveness.  Moreover, we didn’t only look at the customer’s experience with the product but also with the company.

Best Bluetooth Trackers for 2022: Reviews

Choosing a high-quality Bluetooth tracker not only tracks your lost items but also saves your precious time by minimizing stress. So, to help to track your lost items easily, allow us to review our top-rated picks of Bluetooth trackers.

1. Apple AirTag

Looking for a premium quality Bluetooth tracker compatible with your iPhone or an iPad? Then look no further; get Apple AirTag! In 2021, the Apple AirTag debuted on the market and hadn’t let up since.

The most crucial feature of this coin-sized device is its ultra-wideband connectivity, which offers exact location data and turn-by-turn directions to assist you in finding your lost item. Because there are billions of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices in use globally, the FindMyNetwork function enables you to locate your AirTag if you forget your wallet at the bar. When using network features, your privacy is always safeguarded because no location or history information is kept on the AirTag itself, and everything is encrypted. Even better, you may switch your AirTag to Lost Mode, which will send you a notification as soon as a network device detects it.

The AirTag has a removable battery and is comparable in size and cost. Apple has a far larger selection of accessories, and if you have a recent iPhone, the “Precision Finding” feature can employ Ultra-Wideband technology to locate the tracker more precisely. The extensive range and accurate finding capabilities that AirTag offers are unmatched by any other tracker.

The tracker has a diameter that is a little larger than a quarter and is a millimeter or two thicker than many iPhones. When placing an order with Apple, you may add personalized engraving with up to four characters. Besides that, unlike other trackers, this AirTag is pretty easy to set up.

In general, there’s no reason not to choose an AirTag if you’re an Apple user and intend to stay one.


  • Reliable and accurate
  • Provides directional hints.
  • Long-range location-sending capability
  • Replaceable battery
  • Works with cats


  • No support for Android
  • A little on the pricier side
  • There is no method for a tag to ping a phone.
  • No keyring or lanyard hole
  • There are a few anti-stalking features.

2. Tile Mate

Meet the Tile Mate, the updated version of Tile’s mainstream accessory! This is one of the affordable Bluetooth trackers which has versatile features.

It’s safe to conclude that customers are satisfied with the Tile Mate based on the 4.5-star rating it has received from over 28,000 reviews for the 2020 model on Amazon. There are many positive aspects to it. It initially functions with Android, iPhone, and iPad gadgets.

Technically speaking, Tile states that the Mate has a 200-foot range. You should anticipate getting a little less than that in the actual world, but it’s still quite nice. One of Tile’s greatest advantages is what transpires once you leave that range.

The Tile app will display the Tile Mate’s last known location when you disconnect from it. If that is insufficient to locate it, you can label it as “Lost” and solicit assistance from Tile’s enormous user community. In addition to that, you can sync it with your smart home device as it is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Hey Google and Siri.

A user-replaceable CR1632 coin battery powers the Tile Mate. Although a 5-pack only costs about $6 on Amazon, Tile’s $3/month Premium subscription can earn you free yearly battery replacements. So, if you are looking for a Bluetooth tracker from a tracking backpack to a camera strap, Tile Mate will be a win-win option!


  • Reasonably priced
  • Stable connection
  • Built to withstand the elements


  • Non-replaceable battery
  • No room for Ultra-Wideband connectivity
  • Some features need to be subscribed to

3. Tile Sticker

After Tile Mate, next, we have the Tile Sticker (2022), which is the Tile company’s tiniest key tracker, and while being almost a carbon copy of its predecessor, you would hardly recognize it. The first Tile Sticker, which was introduced two years earlier, was an intriguing concept with somewhat uneven execution.

Since then, the Tile has undergone extensive polishing and improved performance. The new Tile tracker can adhere to surfaces rather than attach to a key ring like the Tile Pro or Tile Mate.

The Tile Sticker (2022) is slightly taller than its predecessor, measuring 0.31 inches as opposed to 0.28 inches, but it still has the same circular form. In September 2022, Tile released a new remedy in the shape of sticky labels called Lost and Found Labels that use QR codes to provide contact information if your lost item is discovered. The labels are less bulky than the tracker but do not have the tracking functionality of the Tile Sticker.

This time, Tile has chosen a more stylized style to harmonize the appearance of all of its major finders. Additionally, as before, a tracker in this compact cannot accommodate a changeable battery. Instead, the Tile Sticker relies on a non-replaceable battery that, conveniently, has a three-year lifespan, just like the tracker’s glue.

The $2.99/month Tile Premium service allows you to share your Tile with an unlimited number of users and includes added features, including alerts when you leave your house without any items that are affixed to the Tile Sticker. So, if you are looking for a Bluetooth tracker that can easily attach to whatever you want, then Tile Sticker can be a great option.


  • Small
  • Adhesive sticks firmly and is easily removed


  • Expensive
  • Restricted range
  • Non-replaceable battery

4. SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag

One for the Galaxy gang now: the Samsung SmartTag may be the perfect Bluetooth tracker for you if you’re running Android OS 8 or later. How?

Well, first, you can track products over Bluetooth to a reputed range of 120m with the Samsung SmartThings app following a simple pair-up. As usual, just hit the button on the app, and your SmartTag will sing until you see it.

When in range, a map will naturally direct you, but if the item you’ve lost has wandered outside the area, you can either scroll through a history of where the tags have been to retrace it or contact the Galaxy Find Network, which will utilize scanned data to find it for you in confidence.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag can also control a ton of IoT (Internet of Things) gear, so you can turn on things like smart lighting, music, a kettle, etc. as you get to your house so they’re all on to greet you as you enter. This is a slick USP if you’re the type who embraces smart technology like some kind of cybernetic bear. Regardless of how you look at it, that is awesome.

The Galaxy SmartTag is still a powerful Bluetooth tracker with a loudspeaker, a removable battery, and a tough design that can withstand a few knocks. Although the tracker costs $29, we’ve seen it sell for significantly less, making it a fantastic deal for Samsung users. Apart from keys, or bags, this amazing Bluetooth device is great for tracking your family pet. So, if you are a galaxy user, this Bluetooth tracker will greatly help.


  • Replaceable battery
  • Able to start smart home routines


  • Only functional on Galaxy phones
  • A little thick
  • Inaccurate signal strength meter

5. Tile Pro

If you are looking for a Bluetooth tracker which has a loudspeaker, a durable body, and good connectivity, then check out this Tile Pro. The Tile Pro has been around for a while and continues to be among the best Bluetooth trackers, thanks to a redesign that makes it easier to slip in a set of keys. Unlike the Tile Mate, the Tile Pro operates consistently and yet has a removable battery.

Despite having a removable battery, it is IP67 water resistant and has dimensions of 58 x 32 x 7.5mm. It requires a CR2032 battery, which, in our experience, lasts up to a year and a little bit more.

The good news is that Tile is still working on their “Ultra” tracker to fix this. You don’t get the exact directions that AirTag users do. The Tile app currently displays green circles that illuminate as you draw closer. However, if you have a lot of Tiles, it would be wonderful if there was a “compact view” setting to save having to scroll a lot on the home screen.

A tag costs $35, which is pricey but well worth it if you want the longest tracking range and use iOS or Android. So, this Tile Pro will definitely be the best buddy for those who prefer a highly capable tracking device.


  • Replaceable battery
  • The 400-foot range for loud ringers
  • Resistive to water
  • Suitable for both iOS and Android


  • No ultra-wideband precise tracking.
  • A little bit bigger than other tags
  • Quite expensive
  • Some features need to be subscribed to.

6. Tile Slim

Meet the Tile Slim, a Bluetooth tracker which easily fits your wallet through its svelte design!

Unlike others, the design is still the major focus of the Tile Slim. Its dimensions are about the same as those of a credit card (3.4 x 2.1 x 0.1 inches), making it simple to tuck into a wallet, billfold, or purse. The Tile Slim has IP67 water resistance, just like the other key finders in Tile’s 2022 portfolio.

Due to its extreme thinness, the Slim is unable to accommodate a removable battery. Instead, the tracker’s internal power supply should last for three years before needing to be replaced. Some people are concerned about e-waste as a result, although Tile does offer links for locating recycling facilities for your old Slim.

A new function will enable anyone who finds your lost wallet to scan the tiny QR code on the back. Tile plans to add a Scan and Secure feature next year that warns you when unrecognized trackers are attempting to watch you. Moreover, if you are a svelte design lover, then Tile Slim will be a perfect option.


  • The ideal size for wallets
  • Slick style
  • Two-way find feature
  • Battery life of three years


  • Non-replaceable battery
  • Costs $5 more than its predecessor

7. Chipolo ONE Spot

Lastly, we have Chipolo ONE Spot. Through Apple’s Find My network of volunteer location trackers, the Chipolo One Spot provides incredibly accurate location tracking. In some ways, it’s almost as good as Apple’s AirTag. In the small category of discreet, low-power, long-lasting trackers, Chipolo offers a valuable alternative.

The One Spot is a flat, 0.25-inch-thick, 1.25-inch-diameter black disc with IPX5 water resistance. It runs on a typical lithium-ion coin-cell battery, which is inexpensive and has a one-year lifespan. Even while the company offers several colors for its trackers that aren’t Find My, the One Spot is only available in black.

Like its non-Find My trackers, Chipolo decided to include a loud sound-generation device inside the compact One Spot container. It peaks, according to Chipolo, at 120 decibels (dB), or the volume of an airplane taking off. But the One Spot was louder consistently, and its slightly higher pitched and unquestionably more obnoxious pattern seemed to attract attention more than the more polite AirTag.

A single Chipolo ONE key finder is $25; however, the Chipolo ONE Spot that integrates with the Apple Find My app is $28. As you can attach it directly to your keyring, it’s ideal for tracking personal items.


  • Works with Siri
  • Keychain loop
  • portable, flat case
  • Unobtrusive


  • No NFC for tapping a display to see information
  • Lacks ultrawideband radio for directional detection at close range

Now that we know all about the top-rated Bluetooth trackers, how about we get to know what exactly a Bluetooth tracker is?

What is a Bluetooth Tracker?

You can use a little smart device called a Bluetooth tracker to keep tabs on your possessions. It connects wirelessly to your mobile device via Bluetooth Low Energy, also known as BLE or Bluetooth 4.0, and frequently sends small amounts of data to that device through the connection.

These trackers, which are also called Bluetooth tags or Bluetooth finders, which has various features, including

• Find any devices that might have been misplaced or lost.

• It can notify you if a device is stolen or accidentally taken out of your premises.

• Possess characteristics that may be customized, which may change based on the device or app.

• Long-lasting batteries are contained.

How Does It Work?

Each Bluetooth locator tag has a distinctive signature that can only be decoded by the owner when the Bluetooth device has been connected to their phone using a companion mobile app.

Other people cannot track the tracker, and its location is only known to the owner because the item finder and the app can then recognize one another. The sole exception to this restriction is when the owner chooses to allow another user to use the program to monitor the finder after sharing their key or wallet tracker with them.

Depending on the model and battery, the tracker can last anywhere from one to two years, while your phone can operate all day continuously without you having to worry about it running out of juice.

Disadvantages of Bluetooth-Based Tracking Systems?

The unavailability of the technology to track a person’s precise location is one of Bluetooth Tracker’s other disadvantages. In essence, it will detect the signals of surrounding phones at intervals of five minutes and then store the link between them in the database.

Furthermore, Bluetooth-based tracking systems cannot be used for Live Tracking or other similar applications because they do not make use of the phone’s mapping feature to determine a device’s location at any given time. Live tracking is not possible since a GPS link cannot be established in this situation. Sometimes it’s thought to be an overstatement to refer to them as trackers. They don’t fulfill that particular function.

Bluetooth Tracker vs. GPS Tracker: Which is Better?

Numerous Bluetooth and GPS tracker models are available, each with distinct features and functionalities. Most significantly, Bluetooth trackers are typically made to be “object finders”; they work best for locating personal belongings like your wallet or keys.

Although Bluetooth trackers are compact and have a long battery life, they can only be used near your phone. What’s more, they don’t use GPS, so you can’t rely on a Bluetooth tracker to assist with any searches.

On the other hand, pet-specific GPS trackers are frequently produced. For the most precise location possible, they frequently incorporate WiFi and Bluetooth-style technologies.

So apparently, the choice is yours at the end of the day.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bluetooth Tracker?

There are plenty of things you need to consider before buying any Bluetooth tracker, such as:

• A good Bluetooth tracker will be able to communicate with your mobile device up to 200 feet away, for example. By doing this, you’ll be able to locate your misplaced goods without having to look in all the wrong places while trying to find them.

• You ought to get a Bluetooth tracker with LED illumination in addition to a good range. An LED flashing light on it would be quite helpful if you were looking for your lost item in the dark.

• Good Bluetooth trackers will also offer leave-behind alarms. If you move out of range, the app will notify you. With these helpful alerts, you won’t have to worry about inadvertently leaving your items behind.


1. What is the difference between Ultra-Wideband technology vs. Bluetooth-based technology?

In contrast to competitor Bluetooth technology, which gives an effective range of only about 10 meters, UWB offers the potential to transport data over a distance of up to 25 meters.

2. How do I Protect Myself from Tracker-Based Stalking?

Bluetooth trackers are another tool that criminals can use to follow you, joining apps, laptops, smartphones, tablets, cars, and a plethora of other technologies. They aren’t very reliable or easy to locate, but they are inexpensive, accessible, and discreetly small enough to slip into a bag. Moreover, you can download the tracker detector app to be notified.

Wrapping Up

Bluetooth trackers are here to stay, and apparently, we believe they are of great use. Apart from tracking personal items, these Bluetooth trackers are mostly effective more tracking your adorable pets. So, how about it’s time to buy one of the best Bluetooth trackers from our 7 top-rated choices and let us know what you think?