CBD is available in multiple forms including topicals, edibles such as gummies, sprays, oil, and crystals. That way, you have a variety of ways to get it into your system. However, if you intend to use CBD crystals, the market provides many products to choose from.  Nevertheless, products have varying formulations, and you should always go for safe, high-quality CBD crystals. Below is a comprehensive review of five best CBD crystals, a buying guide, and crucial things you should know.

Definition of CBD Crystals

CBD crystals are the purest form of CBD you can get on the market. Most top brands contain more than 99 % CBD. The remaining 1% consists of terpenes. If you are looking for CBD products with no THC at all, CBD crystals are the way to go. The crystals are usually too small that they look like powder. That is why some people use the term CBD powder to mean CBD crystals.

How Do Manufacturers Make CBD Crystals?

To come up with CBD crystals, manufacturers use industrial hemp. Most companies use the supercritical CO2 method to extract CBD crystals from hemp plants. The procedure involves two steps. First, they remove full-spectrum CBD from hemp, which contains all the cannabinoids including CBD and THC along with terpenes, flavonoids, and antioxidants. The next step is isolating CBD only from all these components to give you 99 % pure CBD.

Essential Things You Should Know About CBD Crystals

For starters, CBD crystals are THC-free. THC is a psychoactive ingredient that makes users feel high. CBD crystals have none of it, thus there is no need to worry about being stoned. However, the fact that they lack other cannabinoids means they have no entourage effect, as is the case with full-spectrum CBD. It is argued that CBD works better when used alongside other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, and 0.3 % THC too. However, CBD isolate yields the needed results in your body on its own anyway.

CBD crystals are also orally active. You can use them sublingually, where you place it under your tongue and wait for 30seconds before swallowing. However, that is not the only way to use the crystals. You can add them to your food, use them in cooking recipes, add to your e-juice for vaping, dab, or mix with drinks.

Note that CBD crystals are not water-soluble; instead, they are oil-soluble. That is why you can use them in preparing meals. Nevertheless, the crystals can also mx in beverages, such as smoothies and teas but you will notice a residue left behind, which is not an issue.

Besides, CBD crystals are tasteless and odorless, thus, they do not alter how your food or drink tastes. Nonetheless, some CBD crystal brands have a taste though it is mild.

Benefits of CBD Crystals

We have already mentioned some of the benefits of using CBD crystals. For example, they are versatile. You can use them in multiple ways depending on your preference. When you have been vaping or dabbing the crystals, you can shift to making edibles with CBD crystals or using them sublingually for a change. The versatility fosters convenience and prevents monotony.

Using CBD crystals is mess-free. They are small and break easily for easy use. Remember, the crystals have the highest CBD potency compared to other hemp derivatives. That way, your body gets the most out of the cannabidiol in them.

However, you will not overdose for using highly potent CBD, but is advisable that you adhere to the recommended dosage, instead of consuming too much CBD crystals. If you are new to the product, start with small amounts to allow your body to get used to the crystals before advancing to higher amounts.

The Best CBD Crystals on the Market

Despite the cannabidiol market offering a wide range of CBD crystals, always go for the best products you can get. Here are some of the best CBD crystals to consider buying.

Try The CBD

Try the CBD is available in ½ gram, 1gram, and 5grams options. The manufacturer adds terpenes to the CBD crystals to give them a mild taste. Add this product to your meals or smoothies and enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol for your wellbeing.

• CBD crystals from Try the CBD contain 99% pure hemp-extracted CBD isolate. The company uses hemp grown in Colorado to offer you a high-quality derivative.

• You can buy the 500mg, 1000mg, or 5000mg potency depending on your needs.

• The product is non-GMO and free of pesticides. It is also third-party lab tested to assure buyers of its purity and safety.


Unlike Try the CBD crystals that come in three different strengths, Endoca is available in a 500mg potency only. Use it for dabbing, vaping, or making edibles. It is suitable for all users, beginners and pros included.

• Endoca contains 99% pure CBD and a small number of natural terpenes.

• It is having no preservatives or artificial colors thus safe for your health.

• The crystals are also lab tested and solvent free.

• They are organic, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free as well.

• The manufacturer utilizes certified organic hemp in making the crystals using CO2 extraction method.

Pure Hemp Botanicals

If you are looking for a CBD crystals brand offering more than one cannabidiol strength, Pure Hemp Botanical is worth considering. Like other best products, its manufacturer utilizes organically grown hemp. You can vape the crystals, add them to your topicals after warming them, or use them sublingually.

• Pure Hemp Botanicals CB crystals are available in 500mg and 1000mg options in a 1gram pack.

• They are grown and processed in Colorado, which is a popular location for organic hemp farms.

• However, this brand offers 98% CBD purity, which is one per cent lower than the previous products.


As one of the popular CBD companies, HealthworxCBD offers you third-party lab tested CBD crystals. They are high quality, pure, and the manufacturer uses Colorado hemp. The CO2 extraction method used ensures you get top-notch cannabidiol crystals to soothe your health condition.

• Healthworx CBD crystals are available in a 1000mg amount.

• You can get them in weights of 0.5grams, 1gram, or 5mg.

• They contain 99% pure crystalized CBD and no THC.

• The product is non-GMO and pesticide free.

• However, the crystals have a mild flavor.


CBDistillery is another top cannabidiol crystals brand to look out for when shopping. It is of high quality and you can buy up to seven containers at a go if you like. The company ensures the crystals undergo third-party lab tests to confirm their potency and purity.

• CBDistillery comes in three sizes 1gram, 10grams, and 100grams.

• The manufacturer utilizes Hemp Authority-approved industrial hemp.

• The crystals are non-GMO and high quality to give you value for your money.

• They contain 99+% pure CBD.

Medical Use of CBD Crystals

CBD does not treat health conditions, but alleviate the symptoms to enable users feel better and more comfortable. People use CBD crystals for various medical issues such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, mood changes, seizures, stress, and inflammation.

Whether you are consuming the crystals orally, topically, or ingesting them, they might help improve the conditions we have mentioned earlier. CBD crystals can calm you down during tense or stressful scenarios. They can also relieve joint and inflammation pain to improve your mobility. Besides, the pure CBD also reduces seizures in people struggling with epilepsy. If you have trouble sleeping, you can use the crystals to support a healthy sleep cycle. Cannabidiol also elevates your mood and boosts your appetite.

Buying Guide: Factors to Keep in Mind When Purchasing CBD Crystals

We have already mentioned some of the factors to consider when to buy CBD crystals. Go for products made from organically grown hemp plants. CO2 extraction method ensures you get high quality hemp extracts. Make sure the product you are buying has third party lab results on its product page. If it does not, consider looking for a brand that undergoes independent lab testing. The other factor to remember is the CBD strength a given company is offering. The common ones are 500mg and 1000mg. Besides, excellent CBD crystals do not contain artificial flavors or additives.

Final Words

CBD crystals are usable in a variety of ways. You can use them for vaping and dabbing or add them to your lotion, food, and drinks. You can also fill capsules with the crystals if you like. The market has many products to consider buying. We have already looked at five CBD crystals to purchase. However, with the buying guide, you are in a better position of identifying other high quality, reliable, safe crystals worth your money.