Watching videos on the internet is the utmost method to pass the free time and a way for people to communicate and share their feelings. Those who don’t wish to watch videos over and over again to listen to their favorite songs or quotes can use the remarkable ability of the Mp4 to Mp3 converter tool. You can extract the audio from the video and store it for either listening later or recreating the moment by binding some clips together in a video editor.

That being said, take a look at some of the benefits of converting mp4 files to mp3:

Extract Music

Whether it’s a movie or song video, music lovers can use these online tools to draw out their favorite parts from the clips. Once the files are converted, you can compile these audio clips and turn them into a long-playing list of your favorite songs.

Another reason why people prefer this methodology is that they can use the music for their personal projects. Well, why not commercial? Some platforms don’t allow you to download content due to the sensitive case of copyright infringement. However, these videos can be converted or downloaded but should never be used for commercial projects unless you want some trouble knocking at your door.

Gathering Sound FX

If you’re a video editor, you must know how significant sound FX is for video projects. Converting some mp4 clips to audio to get the desired SFX sounds like a nagging task, but things can be made pretty simple if you have the right trick up your sleeve. Some professionals prefer doing this their way, but it can save a bunch of beginners’ time.

You can have your favorite effects downloaded almost instantly (depending upon the file size) and put to use immediately. However, keep one thing in mind, if you have a file on your computer, it will take time to upload as well, which is why files saved in cloud storage are preferred. All you need to do then is provide the URL of the file to the online converter, and that’s pretty much it.

Quotes For Posting

Social media has become one of the best means of instant communication. Today, more than half of the total world population uses these networks to share their talents, news, knowledge, and much more. Other than that, these platforms come in handy when you want to share a small message either in the form of text or a video, but you know very well which one is more likely to get hits.

People use quotes/sayings from movies and give them the shape of a message to inspire or entertain others in their circle. Moreover, it is trending! People are downloading clips from video sharing websites like YouTube for the purpose of extracting audio. You, too, can convert these files to mp3 using free online tools, rather than going through the hassle of purchasing a licensed software to do this job for you.

Some Free Online Mp4 To Mp3 Converters

You know “whys,” now let’s focus on “how”! There are many ways of subtracting audio from video, but we’ll just put aside the difficult and pricey ones and go along with the free and easy ones. Most of the online tools are pretty much free, but to save you from the trouble of searching for the right one, here are three free multipurpose video converters online:


A great thing about this online converter is the variety it offers. You can subtract audio from almost any type of file, either it’s saved on your computer or online. Once uploaded, the tool begins the conversion process and doesn’t take too long, but it might ask for some extra minutes if the file is large in size.

Also, they offer a subscription for people who regularly need to convert large files. The subscription doesn’t cost a lot and allows you to convert as many large files as you want in a month.

That isn’t all! You can convert files that belong to other formats as well, but its primary motive is to give you the best mp4 to mp3 conversion possible without losing too much quality in the process.


A simple yet efficient online conversion tool for mp4 files enables you to search for YT videos without opening a separate window. This tool is packed with multiple purposes; you can search, play, and convert the videos on one site without ever leaving it.

Moreover, they allow you to change the YouTube video in four different formats. The process is relatively easy as well, all you have to do is either search for a video in their search bar or paste the URL directly, and the site will fetch your video in no time.

If you spend most of your time watching videos on YouTube and aren’t able to find a way to download your favorite music, this astounding tool is all you need. So, fill your music library with the most listened songs without ever worrying about ads or keeping the YT app running all the time.

One of the most refined music search engines! Its purpose is similar to the previous one, but it’s liked by many because of its uncomplicated user interface. Also, this free tool can be used on any device that’s running the latest browser version because of its responsive design.

If you wish to run it on a smartphone, then make sure you have the latest settings for your web browser. The site will still work if you don’t, but it is preferred for a better appearance. 

However, it doesn’t support various formats like the other two, but it can seamlessly convert any YouTube video to mp3. You’ll have the downloadable version in a matter of seconds but remember, due to the conversion process, you might lose a little quality as mp3 is a lossy format.

The Bottom Line

Converting mp4 to mp3 holds vital importance in the daily life of video editors and music lovers. These online tools can be a great addition to the editing kit of a beginner who needs the files urgently converted to mp3.

You can create all types of videos and short clips using the audio; moreover, I’d suggest you try the Wav format for a better outcome. However, it’ll ask for more storage as the file size in this format increases considerably, but if that’s not a problem, then enjoy the music at its finest quality.

Last but not least! The file sizes aren’t really a cause of concern for the online converters because they’re just going to extract the audio from it. So, if you give these online tools a 4K file to convert, it won’t delay the converting process, and the quality loss will be unnoticeable.