There’s a wide variety of tablets speckled all over the tech market nowadays. Tablets take up a sizeable chunk of this due to their utility as both a mobile device and an independent workstation. Not only that, but tablets are on a steadily rising trend for students as well. As the prices for laptops skyrocket, tablets present an affordable option to get work done without burning a hole through your pocket. They can be decked out with an external keyboard or used with an included pen for designing & creativity.

Although tablets present a lot of potential, they won’t be able to reach their full capacity without being connected to good internet. Tech devices need the internet to perform their tasks properly, update to the latest software, and add layers of security via cloud networking. For this reason, we recommend checking out Mediacom in your area by calling Mediacom Customer Service and if all seems well & good, then go ahead and hook your devices up with one of the top ISPs in America. With that sorted, let’s check out some of the best tablets of 2023!

Apple iPad (10th gen)

The iPad is a solid pick for whoever is looking for a no-nonsense, all-rounder device ready to take on general tasks. It’s an entry-level iPad but with enough juice in it to hold its own in the market. It may not be able to take on flagship models like the iPad Air or iPad Pro but with a 10.9-inch display and decent processing, it does have enough of a pull for people running on a budget.

The speakers are another welcome aspect of the iPad. Improved and redesigned to boost a better, crisper listening experience, the little bits of this device count the most. The only cons to consider here are that there is no face ID and the traditional ID touch button is gone as well.

Apple iPad mini (2021)

This little beast may not be the biggest of the bunch but it certainly is (close to) the strongest. Made with portability in mind, Apple gave the iPad mini an 8.3-inch retina display with a decent selection of ports. This resulted in it being targeted by the student market for taking notes, designing, and consuming media content.

Most importantly, the mini doesn’t sacrifice port availability, power, or connectivity so you get most of the bells and whistles in a smaller package. It’s a win-win! Additionally, the battery life will last you most of the day and with a performance so snappy, you’ll love every minute spent working on this device.

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2022)

An amazing buy for people who’re looking to get something super affordable but with impressive battery stats. The Amazon Fire 8 has a bright screen fit for reading and the battery assures you that you could go on for hours on end, playing games or reading your favorite book and won’t have to worry about this device shutting down.

Performance metrics are nothing special but Amazon makes sure that this device goes above and beyond for those who are heavily invested in reading/consuming content. App selection may be a little limited but by having a good screen, and battery and being comfortable & lightweight enough, the Amazon Fire 8 is a worthy buy.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Samsung is dedicated to not holding back on any front in the tech market. The company’s latest addition to its tab lineup, Tab S& Plus is technological proof of that. The Tab S7 is the most premium of the bunch and comes with a gigantic screen with a beautiful AMOLED display. The screen alone automatically puts the tab ahead of many others. AMOLED is known to be Samsung’s trump card and looks like the company is dedicated to putting on a show.

There’s a 5G connection option too for those who want maximum connectivity & online performance without breaking a sweat. Samsung is also quite mindful of its fans & buyers using the S Pen to do a multitude of tasks. Thus, the textured S pen is wonderful to use and can be used in multiple cases of utility with ease.

Lenovo Tab 11 Plus

With so many companies running neck to neck, Lenovo just couldn’t hold back. Their Tab 11 Plus is the best attempt by Lenovo to secure a position in the tablet niche. An all-rounded piece of tech, the Tab 11 keeps up with the competition by offering a sharp display, loud & clear speakers, and sturdy battery timing.


That’s a wrap on our selection of tablets that can make a worthwhile addition to your 2023. Quite a few companies are taking a dabble this year with the tablet department and our aforementioned tabs are worthy contenders. Check them out on sale during the holiday season or find them at a discounted price on Amazon or BestBuy.