For a long time, a woman’s beauty was associated with her hair length, and it was taboo in some societies for women to cut their hair. Besides, most women like their hair, making it hard for them to try short hairstyles. Others are also afraid to try the taper fade haircut because of their face shapes.

But did you know that there are many short hairstyles for women? Most young and older women like short haircuts because short hair is easier to style and maintain. Besides, it requires little to no hair products, making it cheap. The advantage of having your hair is that you don’t bother about the hairstyle to do during corporate meetings. If you want to be adventurous with your hair and try taper fade short haircuts, here are some styles to try.

Fade Haircuts For Women

• Sassy Lifted Hair With A Fade

If you want a low-maintenance style, try the sassy short lifted haircut. Wearing the cut alone makes it boring, so a better way to style it is to add a fade. The style is straightforward to achieve and common among hairstylists. The stylist will tease your hair at the crown and push it back to look like a pompadour.

• Buzzcut

Another easy-to-style but gorgeous taper fade haircut is the buzzcut. The stylist shortens your hair at the top but leaves a fade on the side. The haircut suits better people with curly hair because the texture is admirable. You can make it more stylish by having a gradient line on either side of the fade. Feel free to dye your short hair any color.

• Red Faux Hawk

Again, if you have curly hair, try this haircut. The faux red hawk with a bunch of tight coils on top looks gorgeous on any head. You can make people turn and draw attention by dyeing it a bright red. When going out for a girls’ night out, use hair spray to hold up the curls. You can make the taper fade haircut more gorgeous by creating intricate lines on both fade sides.

• Taper Fade On A Side Part

When styling the taper fade style, the barber cuts the hair at the sides short. As a result, the hair at the top is long, and the strands fall on one side of the head. The hair at the back is also cut short but not faded. To create the best style, use hair cream.

• Styling A Bun With Dreadlocks

Tie your 5 or 6 inches long dreadlocks at the center of your head using a hairband. You should also style them into a bun using the loose dreadlocks. The side cut with a fade will be visible with your dreadlocks tied up.

• Disconnected Fade

The stylist makes a top and lower fade but disconnects the two using a curved gradient line. The line can be in your most preferred position on the side of your head, adding design to the haircut.

• Kinky Knots

A better way to create curls in straight afro hair is by making it into knots. These are made by twisting your hair strands and covering them to sleep. Once you remove the twists in the morning, you will have beautiful curls. You can then pair the kinky knots with a fade and make two parallel lines on the fade to make it more stylish.

• Slick Back Taper Fade Haircut

When shaving your hair, let the barber leave the top strands longer and give you a side cut. However, you can have a high side with shaved sides and back. Then, use gel and a comb to style the hair at the top. This style is easy to achieve and maintain.

• Top Bun And A High Fade

One of the gorgeous taper fade haircuts to style with long hair is a big top bun with a faded back. However, you must be willing to cut the back strands of your long hair. You can then tie the long strands into a bun for the back to be visible. If you attend office meetings, let your strands lose to hide the faded back.