In several states across the country, individuals may see forms of gambling being offered online. However, in the State of Arizona, all forms of online gambling are illegal. That said, other forms of gambling in the state are legal, including bingo and raffles. Both provide legal methods for charitable organizations to raise funds, though there are different restrictions and requirements that organizations need to follow if they want to host a bingo or raffle event legally.


Bingo is legal in the State of Arizona, both for recreational purposes or to allow certain types of nonprofit organizations to generate funds to support their activities. To legally host a bingo event, an organization must be licensed by the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR). Additionally, there are specific bingo rules that have to be followed when conducting a bingo game. Questions? You can call (602) 716-7801, email, or visit for more information.


While ADOR regulates bingo, no state agency regulates raffles. Raffles in Arizona can only be conducted by an organization that has qualified for an exemption from taxation of income under section 501 of the internal revenue code and has been continuously in existence for a five-year period immediately before conducting a raffle. Additionally, raffles should be registered with the Attorney General’s office.

There are also a few other rules and requirements relating to the management, sales and operation of a raffle that a charitable organization needs to follow to conduct a raffle in Arizona legally. You can learn more by taking the charitable raffle quiz on the Arizona Department of Gaming website:

ADG takes complaints about illegal gambling seriously. If you have a tip concerning suspected illegal gambling, please contact them at (602) 771-4263.