Born & Raised Hospitality, the Phoenix-based restaurateurs behind Clever Koi, Fellow Osteria & Pizzeria, and Across the Pond, announced their latest creation coming later this fall to SkySong in Scottsdale. Named Broth & Bao, this innovative counter-service, build-your-own ramen and bao restaurant is now under construction right next door to Fellow at 1455 N. Scottsdale Rd., #101. Housed inside a soaring 2,500 sq. ft. space seating approximately 50, Broth & Bao will be open daily from 10:45 am to 9 pm. Plus, enjoy convenient online ordering, as well as the full food & drink menus available to-go, including craft cocktails.
Stepping inside the bright, lively space, guests will be greeted by a wavy wooden ceiling installation that extends from the counter right out to the door, and changes and shifts as you walk into the space until the stylized planks resemble giant ramen noodles. The walls will be equally eye-catching thanks to a series of vibrant yellow geometric patterns, while both the indoor and outdoor dining rooms are decked with warm woods, white metallics and see-through concrete ‘breeze block,’ and feature a mix of banquettes and tabletop seating with plenty of room for social distancing.
The real star at Broth & Bao is the gleaming service counter and prep kitchen brimming with sizzling skillets and fiery stovetops, where guests can watch the chefs whip up each ramen bowl to order. Choose between three different noodles (handmade traditional ramen, vegan & gluten free ramen and udon), then pick your tare (a sauce made with pork or vegan cashew nuts), pick your stock (tonkotsu, a slow roasted pork stock; tori paitan, a creamy chicken stock; or an earthy veggie stock). Then top your ramen with your choice of hot proteins such as braised pork belly, steak, chicken, grilled tofu; cold veggies such as watermelon radish and house-made kimchi; and supplements such as scallion oil and fried shallots.
But be sure to save room to the full selection of steamed bao buns (pork belly, hot chicken, kimchi cauliflower), and crave-worthy sides such as togarashi fries with Szechuan peppercorn, or garlic and kimchi cheese fries. Broth & Bao also tempts with an extensive selection of craft beers and wines in cans, plus craft cocktails including several favorites from Clever Koi. Even tastier, everything at Broth & Bao is served in to-go packages, so if you can’t finish your ramen, just grab a lid.
“Although we started planning Broth & Bao long before the COVID crisis, it’s perfect for these socially distanced times” says co-owner, Joshua James. “Everything on the menu travels well and its comfort food for the soul. It’s great for both socially distanced dine-in, as well as grabbing it to eat at home.”
Broth & Bao is located at 1455 N. Scottsdale Rd., #101, inside SkySong in Scottsdale, and open daily from 10:45am to 9pm.