It is most interesting how people react differently to the same stimuli.  For example, give me a DIY project to do and watch me get as excited as a kid in a candy store. For others just the thought of having to DIY something has them running to call the professionals. DIY can feel like drudgery for some, for others it is what makes them thrive.

So why do people like to DIY?

People DIY for any one of these two basic reasons.  One: to save money and Two: The personal satisfaction of making something on your own. I asked myself why I prefer to DIY, and I came to the conclusion that there are a number of other reasons as well.  This isn’t an exhaustive list, more like my reasons to do so.

1. Saving money

This is the most obvious reason that comes to mind. While it is not really true that DIY will Always cost less than buying, especially if you have to buy power tools for the project, but DIY can often save you quite a bit of money.

I often wonder if I would DIY if I had an unlimited amount of money, and I realized that while I might spend on better quality materials and tools, I probably would still DIY because I feel that saving money is just one reason of many that make me DIY projects.

2. Getting customized products exactly the way you want.

Sometimes when you are looking for perfect ready-made options of say furniture for example, you strike out. If you have no choice but to buy, you will probably compromise on one or more aspects you wanted like the right size, the right style, the right colors, the right quality etc.

When you make your own, you get exactly what you wanted… and you save a pretty penny.

3. Getting to use power tools.

I love using power tools.  Not only do they give you a sense of empowerment, I find using power tools to be a whole lot of fun.  Someday I will have my own separate workshop which I will fill with the power tools I purchase using this guide.

 4. It is a form of expression

When you DIY you are actually an artist expressing themself. An artist would never give their ideas to someone else to execute.  Once an artist has a vision, they express their vision by creating it with their own hands.  It is so very satisfying to be able to express what you have in mind by building it yourself.

5. DIY empowers you

When you get into DIY you feel like you can do anything. This sense of empowerment changes your mind-set and doesn’t allow you to feel helpless in any situation. There is something very empowering about knowing that you do not have to rely on anyone else to do things for you.  I would never want to trade that feeling for anything.

6. DIY challenges and thrills you

When you plan and execute a DIY project by yourself, I really believe that it not only challenges your body but also your mind. Taking up DIY can be very helpful in keeping your mind sharp and your head clear. You get to use and exercise your mind to come up with ways to tackle the challenge in front of you… and I always love a good challenge.

You have to plan your project, define your starting point and end goals, figure out the process you need to follow, arrange for or purchase the tools and materials you need etc. If the project hits any snags, you have to put your troubleshooting cap on and work around the issue to accomplish your goal.

This entire process requires you to challenge your mind, and forces you to estimate, calculate, plan, troubleshoot, damage control and execute. The best thing to do for your brain is to use it and DIY keeps your brain working overtime. I think DIY is a far better and healthier activity than sitting with a bowl of chips balanced on your beer belly in front of the television all day every day.

7. Completing a project is so satisfying

The personal satisfaction you get when you have made something on your own from scratch is a warm fuzzy feeling that you just cannot replicate. Whether you use your creations for your own personal use, to sell, or give them away as gifts to friends and family, when you see someone use, love and cherish what you have made for them, it makes your heart happy.

So those are a few of the reasons I prefer to DIY.  Are you a Buyer or a DIYer?  What motivates you to buy rather than DIY? Or vice versa?  Drop us a line.