There are many reasons why Americans all over the country smoke cigars. While some associate smoking a cigar with celebrating a momentous occasion like the birth of a child or a birthday, others find it relaxing and peaceful to light a cigar, sit back and enjoy.

If you want to join in on the fun and become a cigar smoker, there are lots of things to consider first. For instance, the type of brand or size to smoke first. There are thousands of cigar brands to choose from, so try not to get too overwhelmed! If you’re a cigar novice, here are some expert tips on how to get you started.

Choose Premium Cigars

You may not realize it, but not all cigars are premium. In fact, the most readily available cigars you will find will not be classified as premium by the least-stringent standards. There are cheap machine-made cigars like Swisher Sweets and Black & Mild which can be found at practically every gas station you step foot in. These are mass-market, mass-produced cigars that won’t give you the satisfaction you’re craving.

Skilled cigar-rollers make premium cigars by hand from long-filler or 100% long-leaf. The quality just does not compare to cheaper models. One of the most popular premium cigar brands is Drew Estate. You can purchase Drew Estate Cigars from Tobacco Pipes. They sell a wide selection of cigar brands and sizes to help you find one right for your needs.

Smoke a Milder Cigar

A strong cigar possesses a lot more nicotine when compared to a mild one. When you are not accustomed to the potentially dizzying hit a nicotine-rich cigar can provide, it’s always best to smoke a more approachable cigar to start off with.

We’re not suggesting you have to smoke a less flavorful or bland cigar. Instead, there are brands like Montecristo and Ashton Classic that are mild cigar brands, but their products are packed with flavor. You don’t want the taste to overwhelm you, otherwise, you may be reluctant to pick up another cigar again! If you are new to smoking, it’s likely you’ll have a lower nicotine tolerance. Therefore, starting off with a mild cigar is the best advice we can give.

Pick the Right Size

If you are brand new to the cigar-smoking world, it can be daunting to pick out the right cigar. This is why so many people lean towards small-format cigars when they are trying a brand for the first time. While many premium cigar brands produce small cigarillos and cigars, you will not experience the same aroma, taste, or pleasure that a traditional format provides.

You must choose the right cigar size. To get the perfect taste and have a pleasurable experience, you should be looking at shorter, thinner cigars. This is because they burn quicker, hotter, and have a higher intensity. Take your time to look at the cigar sizes, as you may pick up one that’s too big and not to your liking. Classic shapes like Toro or Robusto intensify at a more gradual pace.

Never Smoke on An Empty Stomach

If there’s one piece of advice to take away from this, it’s to never smoke a cigar on an empty stomach! If you do, you can get woozy and experience nausea. It’s best to eat an energy bar first if you haven’t got the time to gorge on something more. Nicotine has a latent effect, which can slowly creep up on you.

If you do begin feeling nauseous from your cigar, eat a bit of chocolate or a teaspoon of sugar. This is because sugar neutralizes the nicotine in your system. Within minutes, this will cause your nausea to recede. Most importantly, do not inhale cigar smoke. Instead, draw the cigar smoke gently into your palate when puffing on your cigar. But, expel it from your nasal cavity and mouth without inhaling the fumes into your diaphragm.

Drink Plenty of Water

You need to keep your palate hydrated when smoking a cigar. This is because cigars can naturally dry out your mouth. We know the importance of drinking water for staying hydrated. But, it’s essential you have a glass nearby while you smoke.

Your cigar will be a far more enjoyable experience when you are not having to fight off the chalky texture a dehydrated palate brings. What’s more, you will avoid any nasty cigar aftertaste once you are finished smoking.

Smoking a cigar is one of life’s simple pleasures. As a perfect complement to a great dinner or to make a celebratory occasion more memorable, smoking a cigar is one of the greatest ways to relax and take things easy. Before picking up your first one, it pays off to be knowledgeable about cigars. Once you read our advice above, this will help you choose a suitable size, flavor, and brand that suits your taste, preference, and budget.