Trent Hancock, is a third-generation homebuilder at Camelot Homes. Over the past 50 years, his family has established a reputation for luxury, quality craftsmanship, and thoughtfully designed homes that have earned numerous awards and accolades. When Trent joined the family business in 2015, he wanted to bring a fresh perspective and explore new solutions and approaches. Replacing on-site community sales trailers with sleek a Honomobo modular detached home office is one of those innovations.

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When Hancock was at a photo shoot on the site of Camelot’s future Paradigm luxury community last year and the photographer mistook the sales trailer as a dumpster from a distance, it got him thinking.

He had been following the Canadian modular home builder Honomobo on Instagram and admired their sleek home offices. Why not replace the not-so-aesthetic sales trailer with a solution that was more in line with Camelot’s commitment to luxury? This summer, Honomobo delivered Camelot’s first order — a modular detached home office — to Paradigm in North Phoenix. In November, they will bring a second to Camelot’s new Willow Camelot coming to North Central Phoenix.“If you’ve seen Honomobo’s prefabricated bars, home offices, and homes, you know how cool they are,” says Hancock. “I love finding ways to innovate, and in this case, replacing traditional sales trailers at our new communities with these luxurious modern prefab home offices made a lot of sense. When you’re building a stunning community of homes designed by the award-winning Ranch Mine architecture firm, you want the entire sales to experience reflect the same design commitment.”Mark Kohlen, Honomobo director of sales, says he loves that Camelot Homes is finding a new use for their office units. “We saw a big surge in interest in our detached modular office units when the pandemic hit, and everyone started working from home. These offices help people who need to get away from the kids and have a quiet space to work – all from the comfort of their own backyard. Now they’ll help homebuyers have a comfortable space to meet with Camelot sales representatives while making important decisions about their future home.”Kohlen says since Covid, mobile office sales have tripled, and they have been building 20-25 offices per year. The majority of their customers are in Canada, with 35% in California, and a handful of projects in Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Cottonwood.“I’m looking forward to coming back to Phoenix to deliver Camelot’s Willow unit in December,” says Kohlen, who lived in Arizona prior to joining Honomobo.