According to recent United Nations and Simmons National Consumer Survey data, over 31 million American women suffer with menstrual pain or PMS, pre-menstrual syndrome. With common symptoms including bloating, cramps, acne, anxiety and low mood, there are many over-the-counter medications that claim to soothe and subdue PMS. However, for those who don’t want to be pumping their bodies with chemicals on a monthly basis, there is a more natural alternative: CBD oil.

Experiencing a massive surge in popularity in recent years, CBD oil and other related CBD products have been hailed as a potential cure for a whole host of health-related concerns including pain, acne, depression and insomnia.

However, can this natural occurring substance really help to relieve even the worst cases of PMS?

Let’s take a closer look.

How does CBD work?

Although more research into the potential effects of CBD is needed, preliminary studies indicate that CBD is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and has the ability to alleviate anxiety and depression.

How exactly?

Every human body has an endocannabinoid system, which regulates and controls your nervous system and your immune system, as well as everything from appetite to mood, and sleep to memory. However, in some people, their endocannabinoid system may not be able to produce the necessary substances – and this where CBD comes into play.

Can CBD help with PMS?

More and more women across the nation are using CBD oil from trusted online suppliers such as with the aim of combating the common symptoms of PMS or, at the very least, make them more manageable, with CBD having the potential to:

• Aid sleep

If you struggle to sleep during your time of the month, you are far from alone. As your hormones adjust during the luteal phase of your cycle, you experience a decrease in melatonin secretions, which in turn can lead to disrupted sleep cycles. CBD may be able to help rebalance your hormones and enable you to drift off more easily.

• Combat food cravings

If your period makes you reach for the sweet stuff, you will be happy to hear that promising research suggests that CBD can help your body to unlock and make use of its own serotonin, meaning you are less likely to seek comfort in the arms of the biscuit tin.

• Soothe aches and pains

That all too familiar dull, aching pain in your tummy that sometimes spreads to your thighs and lower back may be able to be soothed with the help of CBD, which potentially helps to relax muscle tissues within your body. You may want to try either a CBD oil tincture placed under the tongue or a CBD cream applied topically to the affected area.

• Other potential ways CBD may help relieve PMS:

  • Banish low mood
  • Alleviate hormonal headaches
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Balance out mood swings

Although CBD oil has not been medically proven to combat PMS (not yet anyway), if you are looking for a more natural way to alleviate your symptoms, or you want to try something on top of your usual over-the-counter painkillers, then why not give CBD a try?

Worst case scenario: it doesn’t do much to help your PMS, but succeeds in making you feel more relaxed. Best case scenario: you find the perfect remedy for your period pains.